Crying In Your Sleep


You’re not alone when you wake from a sleep crying. So many of us have experienced this. And many times question why. It is your emotional/spiritual self easing itself of pain, whether it was of something that happened that day or a year ago or sometimes 20 years ago. You are at a stage in your life entering a new realm of being a woman/man, you’re growing in more ways that you realize. You will see things differently, feel different about things than you did a year or so ago. You become a person of great empathy and to be able to have empathy for the rest of the world, we must cleanse our own spirits and souls. It is a form of transformation, a beautiful one. I guess the best way to describe it is like the caterpillar to a cocoon and now breaking out of that cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly.
I suggest you embrace your emotions, let them flow and before you fall asleep at night, think about yourself and give thanks for being allowed to have a heart to feel with such great depth. Not everyone does, well not everyone wants to  and if we all did, the world would be a better place.


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