Partners! Wolf Moon Eclipse & Selenite!

Jan. 10, 2020, it will be the, Wolf Moon eclipse. There will be 13 full moons this year, each having their own definition and not only causing a shift for earth, but for our mind, bodies and spirits. I like things, definitions to be put simply and if a person wants a deeper definition, they can go in search themselves. With that said, be ready to feel the shift of the wolf moon! I do already and I know a few others who are as well. With some it is disturbed sleep for a couple nights before and after, which we should be use to by now, but for some reason, we start feeling this shift and getting agitated mentally and spiritually, once a month until we remember, oh yeah! The moon! And it is not just “a full moon” on the 10th, it is that Wolf moon Eclipse! Awooo! 😉


I gave my 2 eldest grandchildren/daughters, selenite, to hold, keep close to their bodies for that reason. I have read it described, like wispy white clouds just waiting to lift your spirits… beautiful description huh!? Selenite’s meaning is all about illumination, balance, harmony and peace. It’s also known as the, “stone of reconciliation.” it can help people reconcile their differences by enhancing honest yet considerate communication,  the light of understanding or “seeing” the perspective of others and respecting that perspective. With all that is happening in the world at the moment, we should could use some enlightenment when it comes to understand others around us.

A new year, a new you begins under this, wolf moon eclipse..with it comes a new alignment that opens a door of accelerated energy to help move and shift things from our lives. It serves to bring resolutions and endings to those things that we have outgrown this past year and it may feel harsh as we are asked to let go of those things that we weren’t quite sure we were ready to let go of. Yet releasing these things from our lives and illuminating the truth, the universe is working to clear a path for you and accelerate your souls journey with new energies, positive energies to guide you through the year 2020. Be ready to be showered in wisdom and clarity!!

Bring these 2 beauties together, the wolf moon eclipse and selenite crystal, keep that piece of selenite in your pocket this week, whenever you get a chance, put your hand in your pocket, grab hold of your crystal, take a few deep breaths, look to the sky, even during the daylight hours, that moon is up there,  and think of,  harmony, balance and protection from negativity and this balance and protection will help steady you during your journey toward enlightenment, while under the beautiful wolf moon eclipse!


Sending balancing vibes to you all! Try and get some good rest this week, even if it comes in bouts of 3 to 4 hours, every 12 hours. 🙂


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