Moving On Up!

Well, it’s been a bit since I posted, but I was in the process of moving from the bottom floor apartment in one town, now back to my 2nd home town, on the 2nd floor of another The 1st home town was where I grew up, the 2nd home town was where I really grew up! and left, found myself and 10 years later return. Things are different, yet so much the same. I now have to get into a daily routine within old yet new settings and I hate routine!

However it is still only day 3 and I am still unpacking, with family and friends knocking on my door, coming in for a visit and wanting to see what’s new.. Grab a box will ya and help me unpack! Is what’s new! I have most of the big stuff in place, I need more big stuff to place and then I open the storage room door, look, and shut it again..ha!

I told my children, who did move me back to town, that I am never moving again! They said good! But then one made a comment.. Wait! when she passes over, we are stuck moving all the chit again, one more time!!.. argh!!