Forced Solitude

 I have never really feared being alone. Even as a child, I loved wandering into the field behind Grandma’s house, lay down in the long grasses, taking in their scent blowing in the breeze and watch the clouds roll by over me, in that deep blue sky. Even now, being single pretty much 10 of 14 years, I enjoy my alone time, as much as time spent with people I love and enjoy being around. I know there are many who are finding this isolation time hard to cope with. But instead of seeing it or feeling it as being alone, see it as being with self. We tend to stress ourselves and think the worse during times of chaos and of course we can not deal with what is unfolding in front of us. I guess I was meditating, as a child, long before meditation was cool.  When I think of the benefits my way of being has had, the greatest being, not unraveling emotionally, mentally and physically when presented with drama or chaos. Because i know what mental stress can do to a body, it is not good. Lucky for me, I survived all that crap physically as well as mentally. I feel like a caged bird if I can not get out and walk, so this weather is a blessing for me and I can walk for a couple hours soaking up the sun, feeling its heat on my face, hearing birds singing, all the while taking in that fresh air. I hope you all are finding the time not too long and finding a way to center yourself when or while you are alone. Because when you are with self, time and time again, you will be surprised at just how much better you will be at coping with what life throws at you… BE STILL.. and always remember, this too shall pass. Some one needs you and what you bring to their life, you are an inspiration to some one.  Time for my 2nd walk of the day. Enjoy!  


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