The Need To Be LIKED!

Humans are naturally born looking for highs in life. Who doesn’t like euphoria!? But some turn out to be full blown addictions, causing a toxic life. Facebook is one of those toxic highs. We truly are looking for highs in the wrong places. The need for the LIKES, when all the LOVE we can handle is the people we meet, live with, connect with by sound and touch daily. I watched a documentary about a famous singer with a band and he talked about the highs of needing to be LIKED by strangers and people he knew, for him to exist. And once he wasn’t getting enough, he started abusing drugs and alcohol and then once that need wasn’t enough of a high, contemplating suicide was his rock bottom. He is in a recovery program and doing well and today, can only share his experience of getting lost in the dark abyss of social networking, as well as the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Stop looking for the need of LIKES and love in all the wrong places! Moderation is the key, which keeps the line of communication open, loud and clear.

What’s New Pussy Cat?


While out and about yesterday, I took time to visit with a girlfriend and had a great chat over tea, served with one of her delicious tea loaves, it was blueberry and a thin layer of white chocolate smothered it till I was able to devour it! Yum!

Among different subjects and helping her with her site issues, she told me something that made me smile and get flushed in the face.

“You know Cynthia, I rather read your blogs over my morning coffee, than listen to the radio or watch television.”

I was so touched to hear that. Yes we bloggers do know people read our blogs, the stats say so. However when some one actually voices their opinion on any subject I blog about, it is so inspiring.
I think it is very important to LIKE or SHARE or LEAVE COMMENT, on blogs we read.So keep on a sharing, liking and commenting, because as much as you like reading our thoughts, we like reading yours!