Paths And Circles

There is beauty, substance and a spiritual essence within the anishnawbek way of life, the circle of life A person can go through a great part of their life without any clarity and then one day realize what the circle of life is truly all about. I began late in life learning about my spiritual path and even though there was no direct teaching, I was following it.

The anishnawbek believe there is 7 stages of life for all us humans,

1. The Good Life: which is for the first 7 years of a child’s life, at that time of our lives, the elders provide unconditional love, discipline with love and being taught about life with those 2 conditions in mind. One child has many raising him with the parents.

2. The Fast Life: when a child enters puberty, the male child is taken under the wing of a male elder and the female under the wing of a female elder to be trained with regards to their roles in life. And there is no child treated as an outcast, all being equal and included in the teachings.

3. The Wandering Life: Simply put.. We wander through this part of our lives, experiencing and thinking, “I wonder, if I did this, what would happen.?” And whether they are experiences that hurt or not, it is the process of learning.

4. The Truth: At this time after so much teachings we take a look at ourselves, we realize all our gifts as a person, speak and live the truth always.

5. The Planning : At this time taking all that we learned in our lives and deciding what we will do with it.

6. The Doing: After the planning comes the living, the practicing of what we learnt on the journey of life so far. And doing what needs to be done.

7. The Elder: This is the crowning glory of a life time, where we take all our life’s teachings, experiences, whether good or bad and sit amongest those younger, within our circles, teaching and sharing. Always teaching and sharing with all the young.


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