This Is Your Story! Stick To It!

Wow!! ~ Today is page 365 of a 365 page book you wrote..12 whole chapters!!! There is probably chapters of laughter, sadness, quiet and loud. There may be characters that stayed for one chapter but were gone in the next chapter. There is those who were written in at chapter one and still here on the last page was written. There is pages where loved ones crossed over, in various chapters and some who overcame sickness. Today being the final page 365, at 11:59 pm, it will be time to set this book on the shelf. And as fast as you set it on the shelf, at 12:01, you begin to write a new book. No worries, the last book should stay on the shelf and only be used for reference material, not a place to be, or reread over and over because there has been good and tough chapters, we learnt from both and will need to share at times, with others, our experience and wisdom of the years past.

I wish you all the best in the coming new year! May you find love where there was once hate.. may you find healing where you once felt pain.. and my favorite wish for you is that you glow, with love and light, each and every waking day in 2020!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE to my family and friends! Congratulations of getting to the end of your 2019 book..Published! I am blessed with all the characters written into my 2019 book and may the positive vibes be greater in 2020 and Karma becomes something to welcome and not fear.

Spread Love!!


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One of the things I hope to achieve in the new year is the ability to make better choices in life. I will be turning 59 this coming year and believe me when I say, there is always something new to learn. I can’t believe how much I really don’t know and the greatest unknown to me is other beings! The human kind! 😂

I tend to let people in my life that don’t enter in good faith. I really have to figure out, are these types of people more the norm than not?

The last person that I let into my life did hurt my heart which I have learnt how to mend pretty quick over the years. After the hurt, there is some anger and then my, thanks for stopping by! Wish them the best on their rocky road. But too many of those types of relationship are draining and I have pulled up the drawbridge! If anyone wants in, they will have to put a tad more effort to reaching me by swimming the moat!!

I think there is a gypsy selling inflatable arm thingies about a 1/2 down the road!

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Your Tribe

“Stop trying to fit are unique and will find your tribe in soon as you stop trying to convince others of who you are! This does not mean you don’t associate with others, it just means you will on a different level than those who do understand. Remember we all have something to teach and something to learn. Thing is, we never really know when we are teaching or is life, one day at a time!” –

~ Snowy Impressions

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Does She Love Him?

I couldn’t have left his heart in better hands! Love my Renee..a young woman who has not only become my daughter in law, but a great friend. xo

Snowy Impressions

On September 12, 2015 my son married the love of his life. Weeks before that day, I spent a lot of time with the bride to be, my one and only ever daughter in law. I took that serious, for a couple reasons. One, she was the woman to be the priority in my sons life. Second, she would be the mother of any children they would had and or have.

Over time I had to learn to back up, not invade a new space made for her in his life and to be honest I was very happy to do that. She was one of those young women that you could not help by love. She was always happy and got along well with everyone in her life.

But still, did she really love my son, like I think he deserves to be loved?

My answer come one day…

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A Vet Changes Attitude

Merry Christmas to, all who served and are serving!

Snowy Impressions


Eating my sandwich, looking at my tree that I will decorate when I am done my lunch and checking out the news feed on my face book account, I noticed something. Facebook has this little thing now they call, See Your 2013 Year In Review. Look back at your 20 biggest moments from the past year.

Which got me thinking, not so much about the year 2013, but over the years. So much has happened, some good, some bad, but all a learning experience, it being up to me to figure out exactly what the lesson was.

Then I remembered a phone call I got this morning from a great forever friend, that come all the way from Minnesota to meet me in person a few years back, Butty.

Butty is his nickname and I won’t give out his real name, because it is not so much a persons name that we…

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Tunnel Vision

It’s like, you are looking but can’t see..

You can hear, but are not listening..

You can feel, but you are numb..

You rich out, but you can’t connect..

You are climbing the ladder of live, one day at a time, but you  can’t seem to reach the top. On occasion you slip on a rung, but you keep climbing, holding your breath, as you take one step, then another and another.



You are so tired, but you can’t sleep.

You are thinking but you are in a thoughtless mode.

Little do you realize, within your body, all those things are straining your muscles, all organs, your brain, any growth, physically, mentally or emotionally.

You don’t have an appetite anymore, yet you need your hunger fed.

Another day goes by, another week, another month, another year and then it starts again..another day… .. another…

Then one day, as you are going through all the motions of life without really being there in mind, body or spirit, you feel your self begin to fall backwards off life’s ladder!

And you just don’t have the strength to hold on! So you descend deeper and deeper into the dark, so far from the light…

You hit the ground, you hit bottom! Emotions nil! Mentally drained! And just maybe physically broken.. like I was.. a heart attack.

Now you are in ICU, the doctor tells you.. “you had a heart attack.”.. he keeps talking but you don’t hear a word he said after those 5 first words..

You sit on the edge of the bed, hooked up to monitors, hearing the beep of your heart beat.. feel the arm cuff tightening and loosening, as it takes your blood pressure every hour.

The sun is shining, bright, streaming through the window, heating the room and your body, but you feel chilled from the inside out.

You lower yourself down to your pillow, curl up in a fetal position and before you fall into a deep sleep, one tear falls from your eye, the cotton pillow case absorbing it as quickly as it touches the material.

You wake to the voice of a nurse, who has brought your dinner. As you slowly open your eyes, you forget where you are, until the odor of disinfectant enters your nasal passages, the rough cotton sheets are against your legs and cheek. You sit up, close your eyes, open your eyes and you are still in the same place.

Yesterday is kind of forgotten because you have been numb for so long. After a chat with a counselor and with consent, you are given a new medication for depression. And you sleep and sleep and sleep even more. Because your mind, body and spirit need that sleep to recover to a degree, but you know, this did not happen over night and won’t be fixed over night.

You want to live, you need to live, a life on this earth, so you have to make a choice, the choice that true warriors make, to take life by the horns and make it yours again!

That was 13 years ago and hear I am.. bright eyed and loving life. Yes I have physical ailments and still have the odd sad day, but I took the time in those first years to do what I had to do for me.. I had to mend, totally!

If I can do it, anyone can do it! You got this!


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