Breasts! Wear On Top Of It!

Cleavage and breasts are here and there, they are every where!! Since, forever, the focus has been on the female valley of love.. LOL.. which also is a place that gives life, to the newborn child. The double standard since forever, I don’t think will ever diminish. The breast is something to focus on, literally!

Back in the day, when my Mom was a young woman, she would attend catholic church and go to the all girls school, she had to bind her chest, with white cotton strips of material, before going to mass. She told me she would actually pass out and the Nuns would blame it on the heat, not the fact that she was bound to the point she could not breath! Then Mom survived breast cancer, but not without loosing a breast to it. That was very hard for her, it took its toll on her emotionally, she cried when she stood in front of the mirror to view a chest robbed of one breast by cancer. Mom was a well endowed woman, something she handed down to all  5 daughters.

So why today would I care what, anyone, what religion, what man or other woman, think of me showing 1 to 2 inches of cleavage on any given day? I don’t. I was the first daughter born of my Mother, the first baby she breast fed, to give me life and also have learnt to love my own breast because of that magnificent woman, who taught me, if you got it, flaunt it, there will always be some one else’s reason why you shouldn’t, but they are also the first ones to look at it as well.

Rest in Peace Mom! thank you for my life, my self security and 2 great reasons, my breasts! They are mine, not anyone else’s and I will do with them, what I like or desire!



Blessed Be! So This Is Me!

My name is Cynthia. I don’t attend any church with doors, even though their doors are opened. I see many posts on WordPress and on Facebook, regarding religion and how we should follow a certain path, whether it be catholic or another, how we need to praise and state AMEN, on many a posts. I have posted many of those myself over the years and believed what I was posting. I had a fear of that particular God and seen myself as a sinner, as someone lesser than the God I was praising. Well I am not.

I am as great as my God and my Goddess, for they do dwell within me. I as many do, don’t give their deities a name or associate them with any class or within a building. Because that would limit and inhibit a connection. Yet there are those that will find a particular deity (ies) to connect with that aids them along their spiritual journey. I attended 3 churches over the past few years and took from each which helped me on my journey, for that I am thankful for. I’ve learnt and learning, that I don’t need to bow to or bend on knees but to open my arms, to embrace my God and Goddess. I ask to be empowered and assisted so I can do things myself.

For myself and many others there is, Mother Goddess and Father God, a couple, because we don’t believe, He, nor Her, are single parents. I am still learning a lot and it won’t be learnt from A book, but from many teachings, from the Mother Earth and Father Sky. As this world/earth evolves every second of the day, so do I, as just one speck on it.

I believe there is no wrong or no right when it comes to our beliefs, but I do believe there is something truly wrong in this world when people use religion as a reason to commit the horrific crimes against, man, woman, child and the earth itself as a whole.

I could go on and on about my beliefs, but I just rather practice it in my daily life, I will never force my way of life upon anyone, yet there are those who feel inspired by it. It’s not a religion, being Spiritual, it is a way of life, as you have heard before.

There are those among us who believe as I do, where we are connected to the earth. Those of us who feel grounded when close to the earth, the water, the skies, our God, our Goddess. My God is strong, our Goddess as strong and in many ways, you do witness the reawakening on this planet of the, Devine Feminine and that is why many notice the strength of women more so these past couple years or longer, because we are taking back our rightful position in this life, as in the spiritual life. To lead others on how to attend to our earth and all its inhabitants, to appreciate our home, this earth, as a whole! Blessed be!..

Morning Appreciation Prayer

I open my eyes to a new day
And whatever next will come my way
I will receive it with an open heart
Knowing that each day is a new start.
Open my eyes to the little things
Tickle my soul with feathery wings
Goddess and God, thanks for this day
Spirits and Angels, come my way
Joyous and free!~So mote it be!
Joyous and free!~So mote it be!

A Smudge & A Closet Cleaning

“It does not take much to feel good about life or about yourself. All you need to do is rid yourself of negatives, whether that be toxic relationships or maybe as simple as cleaning your house of heavy spirit, and purging your home of excess material items. My 3 evening smudge of home and self, has left me feeling so much lighter in mind, body and spirit. Of course a great deal with the self is lead by the mind, so getting your mind in a good place is a must. Do a smudge, take more walks this long weekend, clean out a couple closets. Just those 3 things do not cost you a dime, but you can’t buy what it leaves you with, or shall I say, where it will lead you.. the path to inner peace!.”- Snowy

Smudging For Peace

After a rough couple weeks & praying to Mom-Dad-Joey, my Mother come through someone else and told me what I had to do. …with the help of a sister in law’s guidance, I smudged a feast plate, myself and my entire apartment,(for 3 nights I will do this) with windows wide open and a fresh breeze coming in..I hung another dreamcatcher.. relaxing now with a fresh cup of coffee & thankful for so many people and things in my life…. Always speak to The Creator and those loved ones who have passed over, as well as Mother Earth.. your thoughts will be answered.. just remember to always give thanks for what and who you have in your life as you do.


Classy & Dirty Diapers


This post I write in memory of my Mother. Who brought 11 children into this world and still carried herself with class when she left the house, for any reason. She never went out the door without applying one thing… lipstick. That one little act, that one little tube of color, made her feel beautiful, even if she just changed the diaper of one of those 11 children. Rest in Peace Momma!


Being a people watcher, of course I was watching people yesterday while at the mall in the city. On that particular day, I was noticing the young women. From how they were dressed, how they smiled or not smiled, when passing by someone that looked them in the eye. How they were dressed or not dressed, meaning the style of dress, not the cost or what store they were going in. But if I can be honest, we never know which person walking into any store has the most money in their wallet. It could be the worse dressed or the finest dressed. Confidence in one’s self does not cost in dollars. It’s free to you and how you choose to radiate it to the rest of the world, again, is up to you.

She’s a lady! You’re a lady! Don’t be shy when it comes to being all that you can be!

Keep challenging ‘guys’ to be ‘men’ ! By simply acting like a lady, dressing with self pride and speaking with charm. Men are very visual and while their eyes may wonder to a bare breast, they are more focused on a breast/chest covered with clothing of pretty colors and material and their eyes do rise above the chest, intoxicated with a beautiful smile of a confident woman. Our young women need to learn the seductive power of a clean and decent use of words and that modesty isn’t about sweat pants or turtlenecks, its about revealing her dignity, again, showing through the smile on her face. This message/note is not about being a servant to a man’s needs, its about being confident of your own self worth and that being a woman is a beautiful birth right, no matter our race, our color, our religion, being disabled or not,  our ancestry and sexual preferences. Some will read this and say, that is bowing to a man’s needs or society’s expectations. It is not! I don’t rise each day, do my hair, my make up, get dressed accordingly because of someone else’s expectations, I do it because I have expectations of myself.


Then there are the natural beauties, we all have natural beauty. Whether we want to add color on our cheeks or not, does not mean one is less than the other.. again.. self pride and being classy, is a way of life. And staying classy has nothing to do with where I am on a money chart, what race I am, where I live, or what my age is. I do it to challenge my own abilities of rising above what others and society expect of me, I do it because I will hold my head high when I walk down the street, no matter what anyone thinks. Because, well, lets just say, as the saying goes… “I know what I can or will bring to any table I sit at and I am not afraid to eat alone”


Elegance and inner beauty, confidence and self worth will never go out of style. And no one can take it away from you, but you as a young woman, as a woman in her middle years or golden years can give it up and give it away… that is easy to do.. respect yourself and be respected.

Do You Need Money?

The Creator does not need money.. actually “man” does not need money to exist on this earth either. But the greed of man and the need to be the best with the best has over run 3 simple needs… respect.. the barter system and inner peace. Today’s greed has made it pretty much impossible many to live off the grid. And just be happy waking in the morning, tending to the earth around them, so the earth awards us with food and water.. what does any person take with them to the grave? Not one thing.. nothing… you come into this world empty handed, you leave this world empty handed.. it’s time to appreciate the, “pause” , and respect life between those 2 life events… birth and death. The more I look into my culture and ancestry of Ojibway, the first peoples of Canada, how beautiful life was back in the beginning.. until religion came knocking at the door, on the shores.” – Snowy Solomon