Name Calling

I have a great friend, an Ojibway elder, named, Mawla Shawana. He has visited with me, taught me a lot about my culture and there is still so much I have to learn. At the same time, I know he listened to what I had to say about many things. Recently he gave me a native name..

Gwaamjiged Dibik Giizis Kwe……. Looking on Guard Moon Woman

It has been a very busy year, that I have not been able to concentrate on my studying of native culture and my writing. So my plan is over the winter and into the summer,  work on all projects.

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New Years Talks

In the native culture, there is the talking circle. Which all involved sit in a circle, there is one feather passed around the circle to each person. Whom ever holds the feather is the person who talks, with NO interruptions by any other persons in that circle. All peoples must listen to the point of view, the feelings of the feather holder.

Do you think this type of communication should be practiced by more peoples, not just the American native culture?

I participated a couple times in a, talking circle, where one had about 20 people. It took all day to hear each person, with a lunch break and of course 2, 10 minute breaks.

This concept is encouraging open, honest and respectful communication.

It was a great day!




Talking Circle by Leah Dorion

Classy Starts From The Inside


March 1961 was a great year.. it was the year I was born. 🙂 I am the 4th child, first daughter of 5 girls along with 6 brothers born to my parents. Yes, we are a big family.
I often wonder what Mom was feeling when after 3 boys, her first girl was born. I know she loved to dress me up in dresses, all the time, with pretty pink coats and bonnets. I wore dresses and skirts to school, pretty much in any grade. Today I still love wearing skirts and dresses.
Mom taught me how to be a mother, my maternal instinct was strong even back as a young girl. I would help with younger siblings and babysat outside the home a lot as a pre-teen and teenager.
I recall Mom never going without lipstick and I use to find it funny, how she would put curlers in her hair, go to town running errands, then once home, took the curlers out, back combing her hair for the rest of the day at home. For myself now, I won’t leave home without my hair done and make up to refresh my face and of course lipstick, like Mom use to. I love being a woman and my feminine side and the class I do have, I owe to Mom.
I was never a tomboy type. Yes I tried a few times, but it was out of my element, I had to go back to be the girly girl.
I am quite comfortable with who I am these days and how I carry myself.
I will never understand how young women can go out of the house to a mall with pj bottoms on. PJ pants are for bedtime, evening wear. I will say that in the past year, there are those young women who have taken interest in how they present themselves. The world does not know what you’re wearing under you jeans or top. When you are comfortable with who you are as a woman, knowing yourself that you have on a lacey/satin underlings will make you feel classy/sexy and we tend to carry ourselves as how we feel inside.
Yes, there are the natural beauties, who don’t have to go that extra mile when it comes to presentation, we can envy them, yet be happy for them.
I recall when I was in my 30’s, we were out of town with another couple, I was the one doing my hair and makeup before going out that morning from the motel. The husband of my friend, come into the room with coffee, seen me putting make up on at the mirror and asked me, “Why are you doing that? You are not going to be with your husband all day, you’ll be with my wife.”
To which I answered, I don’t do this for my husband, I do it for myself.
Whether you’re a man or woman, do what you want to feel good about you.
Yes beauty starts from the inside out, but there is nothing wrong with wrapping a great gift with some fancy wrapping, is there?



Todays Agenda


A special person in my life, one of my sister in laws is battling cancer at the moment. I went to visit her and my brother yesterday, brought them a Christmas gift and stayed for a short visit. After hugs and I love you’s, she started to tell me about what she is going through on a day to day basis. And I knew she had her plate full with her treatments, but the extent of what she is going through and how she is coping, truly amazes me to no end. She told me how one day last week was not such a good day when she was out. Without going into detail, lets just say, if it was me, I would of just sat there and so frustrated, would of cried and called out for help. But, not this lady. my Lord I admire her. The strength and even with all she is going through, her inspirational thoughts come through.
Then we started talking about the big 60 million dollar lottery draw and what we would do different. What she said to me, her thoughts, are something I will remember forever.
How we all, well most of us, wish we had more money, are not happy with what we have. She stated that if she won a lottery last night, her today, would stay the same. She still needed to rest, she still needed to fight this disease. She was not going anywhere, any time soon. That she had all she needed in her life, today. . good days, some nights where she does sleep, her children, grandchildren, my brother and the rest of her family, who will visit with her a bit over the holidays. But we all know, with her chemo lasting up till Christmas eve, we may not be able to see her. She needs to rest and heal.
Yes, yesterday was an eye opener day for me, again. I always cross paths with the right people at the right time, in my life.
When we are doubting life, when we are wanting more, when we are blaming others for our own unhappiness.. maybe we should stop and think of the people who are dealing with diseases like cancer, who are dealing with depression and PTSD on a daily basis.
No one wakes in the morning and wishes they were sick with any disease, and any person who is coping with any of those diseases, is not thinking of how much money they don’t have or how many gifts are not under the tree. They are thinking about the here and now, how blessed they are, to wake in the morning, to be able to say good night to a loved one.
Don’t wish for more this Christmas, desire to appreciate what you do have… life!!

Diego Rivera Art?

I found this piece at an antique shop. So far after months of searching, I can not find another like it.  The paintings on it do resemble the works of Diego Rivera, a famous Mexican painter.

I have an arts dealer helping me in my search and I may come up with nothing, but I may come up with something.

Time will tell..  Have you ever seen anything like it?

I believe it made of a teak wood.. its a goat. cow




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My thoughts from the darker side of me.. and I don’t say that like it’s a bad thing. I like to play the devil’s advocate at times and blow off a little steam. This is the place I shall do it.

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Snowy Smoke Signals

Once Upon A Picky Eater.



I am not sure what percentage of families have a picky eater, but I do have a picky eater.. a 6 year old grand-daughter. Cute as a button she is, feisty, intelligent, but oh so picky at meal time. I don’t recall it being that way when I was growing up. I mean, there was not many kids who did not eat what was placed in front of them, because if they did, they would be going without. So where is this whole new era of fussy eaters coming from?

I made Christmas dinner last year and I added to the mashed potatoes, parsley and some other seasoning. As I was mashing them, my daughter gasped, “Mom!, what have you done? She won’t eat those now.” I was like a deer in headlights, “Huh?”…lol. My daughter called over the wee one and asked her to taste the mashed potatoes explaining that Nana had added a wee bit of spice to them. She took a half teaspoon full into her mouth and began to gag with her head bent over and tongue hanging out.. lol.. Being who I am, I said to my daughter, “Well first off, you just talked to her as if there was a potato problem, even before she tasted them.” But I thought I best keep my comments to myself and let her do what she needs to, so her daughter will have something to eat. She told me, “She loves mashed potatoes, she dips her dill pickle into them. I am taking a run to the store and picking up a can of mushroom soup for her, be right back.” And off she went. I looked around my kitchen at all the great food my three children, their spouses and grandbabes were about to enjoy and here is my eldest running to the corner store to get a can of mushroom soup?.. lol

Oh well, what can I do? Not a thing. I raised my children already but boy oh boy, how times have changed.. dill pickles dipped in mashed potatoes?..

Does She Love Him?

On September 12, 2015 my son married the love of his life. Weeks before that day, I spent a lot of time with the bride to be, my one and only ever daughter in law. I took that serious, for a couple reasons. One, she was the woman to be the priority in my sons life. Second, she would be the mother of any children they would had and or have.

Over time I had to learn to back up, not invade a new space made for her in his life and to be honest I was very happy to do that. She was one of those young women that you could not help by love. She was always happy and got along well with everyone in her life.

But still, did she really love my son, like I think he deserves to be loved?

My answer come one day, when I was going out of town with her, shopping. My son was also running errands, but in his vehicle and I was with my daughter to be, in her car. We were driving along, chatting and I could see a smile come across her face, as my son passed us on the highway. I asked her, if she really loved my son and what that meant to her. She never felt I was invading her space and always answered my questions because she knew how much I cared for all my children, grandchildren. Continue reading “Does She Love Him?”