A favorite poem of mine by. .William Butler Yeats.

A favorite poem of mine by. .William Butler Yeats.

Brown Penny
I WHISPERED, “I am too young,”
And then, “I am old enough;”
Wherefore I threw a penny
To find out if I might love.
“Go and love, go and love, young man,
If the lady be young and fair.”
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
I am looped in the loops of her hair.

O love is the crooked thing,
There is nobody wise enough
To find out all that is in it,
For he would be thinking of love.

Till the stars had run away
And the shadows eaten the moon.
Ah, penny, brown penny, brown penny,
One cannot begin it too soon.

A New Lottery ~ A Spiritual Lottery

A New Lottery ~ A Spiritual Lottery

How soon we forget, how easily we forget, about that lottery ticket we bought some years ago. Unlike other lotteries, this ticket seems to be never ending, well it does have an expiry date, which is when we remember that we bought it and claim its prize.
As I said, to claim the prize, we need to recall we bought it first. Each and every one of us acquired a ticket and each of us will either enjoy the prizes in the box or be sadden by what we pull out of that box. It really depends entirely on each our own being, what exactly the prize in the box will be.

This ticket for the spiritual lottery seen the light the day we each were born and as we grow, as we age, we can either enjoy or suffer with this win. We create the win fall, it can be heaven or hell, joy or sadness, precious or pain.

As a child we are not born hating, or with mean thoughts in the fore front of our minds. The world around  aids in those feelings as much as it aids in the good of humankind, so we get to pick and choose exactly the prize in the box. I would say 75% of the time, we all will live through hell before we realize that letting go, releasing the pain and anger, learning to forgive those who have hurt us, will win us the jackpot of the spiritual lottery. Life is so precious, yet we tend to ignore that fact, even in the face of death.

Each and everyone of us is here, because we want to be. And no matter how much physical pain we may be in, the level of pain we deal with on a day to day basis with regards to hanging on to a past of guilt or shame can and will end a life on earth so much quicker.. Then we are only existing and not living.

Learning to respect yourself, love yourself, praise yourself each and every day allows us to enjoy the Spiritual Lottery Win fall.. Just saying..

S & M by Snowy

Your wanton ways
leave me wanting
Raunchy, rough
carnal desires
In the morning
and evening hours
The lustful, immoral
thoughts inspire.

Your lascivious ways
are so erotic
That devil may care
attitude excites me
Seen by only you and I ,
no soul around
Our own little world,
so sensual as need be.

So be as passionate
as you plead
Whisper your thoughts
or scream aloud
Let yourself go,
an orgasmic quest
Abandoned morals,
I shall fill your need.

Friendship Degree

In what I ask… Celsius, Fahrenheit, north or south, education or friendships?

People wonder/ponder naturally, thus how we learn, yet there are those who never learn.

I do enjoy mind/thought stimulation to a great degree, so when I stumble upon another who does that for me, I will spend a great degree of time with that person that depending what degree of time they want to give me of course.

We all have different degrees of friendship and at times wonder what degree of standing we have with others in our lives.

I figured out just recently, there is no such thing as ‘just friends’, there is no JUST friends, well to me anyway, it is kind of an insult to any friendship to say you are JUST a friend, again there being different degrees of friendships.

HE does not set people in our paths to a degree; they are there for each their own reason and should be appreciated for what ever that reason is, to what ever degree they are.

I do tend to go to great degrees to get my point across at times and may still come out of it in the end, misunderstood. But that’s okay, we are not all on the same level, again why I am intrigued by another who stimulates my mind, after all, it is a great thing to waste, is it not?

Over time all our relationships to some degree shift categories, from a friend who we see often, so someone we don’t see as often as we use to. Or if we are lucky, we end up in long term relationships with the better of those friends.

But we must always remember, to some degree, to keep an eye on the people in our lives and see to what degree they affect us, good and or bad… To do away with those that is affecting us badly to some degree, what ever your degree tolerance is, of course.

You’re My Pain! – By Cynthia

(Picture by Healzo)


Who the hell

do you think you are!?

Latch on to me

no matter

where I am,

Near or far!

Why can you not

leave me alone?

You’re toxic!

You bleed me

down to

The bone

What hell do you

birth from?

The fire

The pain

My innocence

coming undone!

Where and when

will this end

This fucking torture

Erodes my being

Again and again

Thoughtless Bastard

Still my serenity

Covered in darkness

Nothing left of me

You common criminal

In my space

Steal my serenity

Hiding behind a smiling face

Thoughtless bastard

Pain and sorrow

All that’s left for me

This my tolerance

A tiny space

You endure my fear

Laughter from your gut

My demise

A useless shell

End it, end it now

Take this life

Take it out!





The sun is shining bright this morning, I love it! I am feeling inspired today, encouraged and hopeful of great things to come in the days ahead. I won’t say years because I don’t care to look that far ahead, I really try to live in the moment, that at times not understood by a few. However I wanted to say that on occasion I do get a private message stating that my status, my face book posts have helped some one get thru a tough time, just when they needed it.
I have said this over and over and I don’t think it can be expressed enough. How just a simple smile coming from your face, a kind word coming from your mouth can change the day in someone’s life, many times without you even knowing it.
I am not sure when, but a suicide note was found, written by a man who took his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge in California.. One sentence.. It was one request…

“Today I am going to walk all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. If anyone smiles at me, I won’t jump.”

No one did smile at the gent that day on his walk to the bridge. And even though this is not meant to make anyone feel guilty, unselfishly we need to start looking past our own noses. And it does not make me feel better knowing that there is some one out there who has it worse than I do, I don’t inspire because of guilt, I do it because it uplifts me!.. On my worse days physically, I will push myself to get out there an walk, once I have gotten 1/3 into it, I begin to feel better and so happy I took the time and made the effort to venture out. On the days I am feeling low mentally, I look for ways to encourage others, because seeing someone else smile, reading a private message saying I made a difference, lets me know I am on the right path, that HE has set me on.

So remember.. SMILE!.. Someone needs to see it, more than you know!

Being The Best I Can Be


It’s been awhile since I posted a blog on here and I thought it best I do that today, a new year grand opening sorta entry.

Then I thought what could I talk about? Well the year past of course and what I learnt in the past 12 months. I can only talk for myself, about myself, I am or have not been appointed to speak for anyone else, however I have learnt there is so many who will feel pretty much the same, which can make this world not such a lonely place at times.

Seven years now, I have been single most of them and those years have passed so fast when I think of it now, with so many trials and tribulations. Hopefully I learnt something alone the way, is the best I can hope for.
One thing I have learnt over the years is how to become functional in what can be a dysfunctional world, no easy feat. Because it is myself who has to change and not expect anything from the rest of the world, turning the focus on the person in the mirror can be down right scary at times. However taking baby steps will get you to a crossroads and then, even then, you still have to pick a road and start walking it. Taking the high road will leave us tired most days but knowing at the end of it is a life reward makes one want to go that extra mile on any given day.

I’ve learnt to set boundaries, meaning just how close I will allow certain people in to my life or just maybe not let them in at all. And to do that is just letting them know what I will see as acceptable behaviours because for so long I have allowed certain people to cross those boundaries.

Detaching emotionally so that I am not caught up in any drama has made this ride of life so much more fun and I pity those who have chosen the hard way, cause there is so much they are missing on this fun ride.. The beautiful scenery, the scent of roses along the way, the laughter of the lighter side of life. Because we don’t live forever.

I have learnt that I must be the first person to celebrate the changes in myself and to celebrate what it took for me to become a functional person in what can be a dysfunctional world. Happy New Year to me!

I think of the logo by a cigarette company…Virginia Slims…“You’ve come a long way baby!”

Hahaha.. Dammit!… Now I want a smoke!

Live..Love.. Laugh!!

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.