Another Key Spirituality ~ Unseen Love


A great man said to me some time ago…

“I vow to give you the support needed without complaint or resignation, for that is my significance in life and the reason for my existence, I want you to touch me, feel me, giving to you, unseen, for as long as you need me, for I embrace the weight of your worlds, unselfishly”I would say it has taken a long time to understand what he was really saying but I was not listening. Maybe it was because I was not ready to understand. It is a love unconditional, a free love with no limits. How blessed I was and how blessed I am to have had such a person in my life when I needed them most. I know my Higher Power set this person in my path. And yet, until they left my pathway, did I realize how much he was really showing me the way.

I don’t know if anyone else thinks the way I do, but to me each relationship I have with anyone.. Good or bad, leaves a mark on me and the good ones, leave me with something that can not be replaced by any other in this world, some marks stronger than others, more noticeable than others.. As with him, there will be no one ever who will or can hold a candle to what he meant to me over that entire 3 years, how forever all that it was will be stored in a most treasured spot.. My heart.. He has encouraged nothing but good in my being and for that I will be forever thankful.

I have learnt how to love, let go, and open my heart to love again. And I’ve survived those heart-wrenching, gut-twisting break-ups that slam a person to the ground and rip you to pieces whether by a loved one dying or deciding they do not or can not be with me.. All things out of my control.

I read some where this quote..”You are a link, that to me, will never go missing.” – Unknown

How often do we feel that way about some one in our lives? And how many people go through their lives never feeling that way at all about another?

I have chosen to forgive pain in my life and see how it may have benefited me instead of suffering from it. And I will always remember who has brought some kind of love to my life, for there is many kinds of love. For every separation, I have made a connection to a greater source.. My Higher Power and to me, that is healing.

As the great Ram Dass has said, ‘Keep in mind these fours words, I am loving awareness.”

I do believe that at the end of the day it is all about the unseen love of feelings.

Blessed Be! So This Is Me!

From May 2016.. wow time flies and as much as I have changed, I am the same.. if that is at all Thanks for your support of the years.. beautiful people are writers!

Snowy Impressions

My name is Cynthia. I don’t attend any church with doors, even though their doors are opened. I see many posts on WordPress and on Facebook, regarding religion and how we should follow a certain path, whether it be catholic or another, how we need to praise and state AMEN, on many a posts. I have posted many of those myself over the years and believed what I was posting. I had a fear of that particular God and seen myself as a sinner, as someone lesser than the God I was praising. Well I am not.

I am as great as my God and my Goddess, for they do dwell within me. I as many do, don’t give their deities a name or associate them with any class or within a building. Because that would limit and inhibit a connection. Yet there are those that will find a particular deity…

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Forced Solitude

 I have never really feared being alone. Even as a child, I loved wandering into the field behind Grandma’s house, lay down in the long grasses, taking in their scent blowing in the breeze and watch the clouds roll by over me, in that deep blue sky. Even now, being single pretty much 10 of 14 years, I enjoy my alone time, as much as time spent with people I love and enjoy being around. I know there are many who are finding this isolation time hard to cope with. But instead of seeing it or feeling it as being alone, see it as being with self. We tend to stress ourselves and think the worse during times of chaos and of course we can not deal with what is unfolding in front of us. I guess I was meditating, as a child, long before meditation was cool.  When I think of the benefits my way of being has had, the greatest being, not unraveling emotionally, mentally and physically when presented with drama or chaos. Because i know what mental stress can do to a body, it is not good. Lucky for me, I survived all that crap physically as well as mentally. I feel like a caged bird if I can not get out and walk, so this weather is a blessing for me and I can walk for a couple hours soaking up the sun, feeling its heat on my face, hearing birds singing, all the while taking in that fresh air. I hope you all are finding the time not too long and finding a way to center yourself when or while you are alone. Because when you are with self, time and time again, you will be surprised at just how much better you will be at coping with what life throws at you… BE STILL.. and always remember, this too shall pass. Some one needs you and what you bring to their life, you are an inspiration to some one.  Time for my 2nd walk of the day. Enjoy!  


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Old Habits

I am trying to get into the habit of how I wake in the mornings. I usually jump out of bed as soon as my eyes open, well, I want to start laying there for at least 5 minutes before I rise up. The point of that is to listen to the sounds around me, especially with spring and summer coming. With my window open, to hear the singing birds, the baby birds squawking for food, maybe frogs croaking, to hear the wind as it rustles the leaves in the trees, to hear a dog bark in the distance, to hear the rain hitting the ground, to hear the thunder rolling in the distance, to hear some one’s footsteps on the sidewalk, an early morning walker, to hear the coffee brewer timer kick in and smell that fresh brew. All those sounds and more giving me a reality check of who/what is really the provider of the blessings in my life, that some days, I just may take for granted.. The Creator! Because all these things will continue to occur, long after I part this goes on.


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What Would You Do?

I did not write this, but I understand this.. ~ Snowy


“A Facebook Play in 9 Acts”

For those who can’t figure out this elected/hereditary Wet’suwet’en issue:

1. Your rich neighbor wants to build a walking trail through your property, but they know you love your yard, so instead of asking you, they approach your basement tenants.

2. The tenants are on a fixed income and could really use a little extra money to feed their family, so for a small fee they consent. And why not? Don’t they use the yard too? Besides, the tenancy act guarantees them some rights and protections so they grant their consent.

3. How do you feel about this scenario so far?

The story continues.

Your yard is a great shortcut and your neighbor could make lots of money selling passage. Everyone seems pretty enthusiastic about the potential for a few extra jobs to boost the local economy.

4. At first you think it’s all a practical joke, but once you realize it isn’t you file for a review to put an end to the nonsense, but the city steps in to announce that the trail is “in the public interest” and suddenly the planning department grants a construction permit.

5. You are angry and you block the machines. Next, your neighbor goes to the magistrate and asks for an injunction to remove you from your house, because you are delaying construction and costing them money. You argue that your rights as the title holder are being violated.

6. You testify that building the trail makes it impossible to hold the traditional community barbecue that’s been part of your family culture for generations. You explain how your grandmother’s heirloom tomatoes only grow where the pathway is planned.

7. You’ve shown the magistrate how important the back yard is to your way of life, explained that your tenants rights are limited to within their suite, and confident in this and the fact that your deed, passed down through many generations, was issued by a higher authority, you believe that justices will prevail.

8. The magistrate rejects your testimony. For an injunction, they can only consider financial loss, not way of life or justice. Your neighbor has already paid for the machinery, gotten a permit from the city and stands to lose cash money. The magistrate grants the injunction.

9. You refuse to allow this injustice to occur, many of your friends and family agree. Together you set up a peaceful blockade to stop the machines. Eventually the RCMP come and take everyone away at gunpoint. Is this justice? Is it the “rule of law.” What would you do?

Neighbor = CGL
City = BC,
Magistrate = BC Supreme Court.
Basement suite = reserve land
Back yard = traditional territories
Tenants = Elected Chief and Council
You = Hereditary Chief
Deed = Delgamukw decision issued by the Supreme Court of Canada.

Afterword: This scenario is what the Wet’suwet’un situation looks like when applied to your life. There are factors not accounted for, but it covers the basics. Think about this and decide if you would act any differently from the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs.

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You’re All The Same!

One does not reach middle age without experiencing some kind of heartache. If you have, wow, please share!

I have over the years notice a common thread with many broken heart friends, that once they were heart broken by the opposite sex, once or a few times, they see ALL that sex as people who are heart breakers. They have grown to be bitter. And that is such a shame because they are missing out on so much when it comes to having relationships with the opposite sex.

I have had 2 very long term, male relationships, and a few short term, where I have experienced, to a degree, some kind of heart ache. Yet any more than I would want to be judged by the last person in a man’s life, I don’t want to do that to a new man in my life. We end up putting up so many walls and convincing ourselves.. all men are bad!.. all women are bad! Right down from how a parent of the opposite sex, who played a huge roll in our lives, to the last or current person in our lives.

Some of my best friends are of the opposite sex and we talk a lot about relationships, good and bad, trying, teaching and learning from each other, what some one of their gender may be thinking or how they could be feeling about the actions of their opposites.

Yes, there are some real horror stories out there that many have experienced with the opposite sex and no one knows anyone else’s tolerance level when it comes to individual relationships. However there are a lot of great people of every gender in this world and one can only hope we all get to experience more good than bad.

Happy LOVE Day!

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