Life does not have a purpose other than Life itself. The purpose of what IS… is to BE. BEING is the most basic and ultimate purpose at the same time. In the human world, a purpose is something different than what IS. It is an ideal of what “should be.” Life does not bring any […]

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Its getting worse by the minute..I went to pick up a few gifts at the dollar store..(lmao)..at the checkout I scanned my buggy, figured I had bout 30-35 items..should total around 40 to 46 bux..wrong! $70 freakin dollars!!!..You know the cost of living is going up when a dollar costs you 3 dollars eh.. But anyways, I was kind of amused as I was looking at something in one aisle and could hear 2 men over in the next aisle talking religion. They were reciting verses from a bible and one saying he believes the world is about to end because it says so in the bible and he quoted verses that verified that.. Jeez, I thought, what a conversation for a youngster to catch hold of. A poor child will be traumatized! As I come around the corner they kept talking bible quotes, looked at me, smiled and shuffled to the right. It took everything for me not to say..”cmon get out of the way! I need to get home and call my family, cause the worlds going to end! I heard it at the dollar store!!” If there is one thing I have learnt in my years, it is that the journey does heavily outweigh the destination. People are so worried about tomorrow that they forget to live today! This exact moment is all you have. We can achieve more when it comes to living long and healthy lives..put one foot in front of the other. I can say without a doubt, there is a beautiful serenity when we live life slowly and one day at a time. We seem to always be waiting for miracles, not realizing each day we wake is a miracle. In 2009 when I had my heart attack and was in ICU for 4 days..mad yet scared, crying and praying, telling staff I did not want to see anyone but my children, I made a vow that, if the Creator helped me thru that trial, to live more years on this earth, Not a day would go by that I would in some way, some how inspire at least one person, even if all I had to give was a smile.. I would..I promise. So for myself, I dont care to be around negativity or hear such things like the world is ending, cause they read it in a bible. Get out, make some one elses day! And you will be surprised at the reward when you do. You may have saved one life instead of dwelling on lives ending! This is why I began reading about Wicca..its all about living a healthy life, appreciating exactly what is in front of you..a changing world..nothing stays the same..nothing and no one! My religion is nature and I can prove it exists..lol Dont weigh down your heart and soul..release..manifest..enjoy the moment!!.. Now back to gift buying. I think I seen a Dollar Tree store at the outskirts of town? (wink)
PS: I am not bashing religion, I am preaching about living.

When Our Expectations Become A Priority..

Two quotes with regards to this blog thought.

“When you release expectations you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be.”- MH

“You may not be a priority in my life, but you will always matter.”-CS


I believe how we say things to other people in our lives may not always be interpeted as we wished them to be. But, our actions always will. We can talk love, honour and respect, till we are blue in them face, then turn around and with one stab in the back action, literally kill every word we spoke.

For myself, this is what I call, speaking from both sides of one’s mouth..all the pretty words flow freely from one side and septic thoughts spew from the other.

For this past half decade of my life I have witnessed and been on the recieving end of both and today can laugh. I have learnt not to have expectations of others and for my life to be truly happy, it is me, myself and I who have become the priority of it. Yes, I do have one rule I live by…my time and effort must be matched in any relationship..family or friend. When it is not, I use my free will to walk away.

Do you have great expectations of others and make someone else a priority in your life?

P.S. As children my children were priority. Thats a given. Then they grew up.. Plot twist!!


Why Me?

Why Me?

Two little words that get asked alot and most of the time, the one asking doesn’t even know who they are asking that 2 word question to. Even if we don’t have an actual being we are asking, the point is we are putting that two word question out there to the universe, who is always listening.

When things go great in our lives, we don’t say, Why me?, it is always when things are going bad, as we feel it, in our lives, so the universe answers us with more of what we are asking for.
A few years back, I started asking, Why Not Me?, then I focused on the answers. Again believing what I put out to the universe, would come back to me…
Why Not Me?
.. because I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone else.
.. because with every heart ache, I am becoming more loving.
.. because what pains me to hear, I grow more empathy
.. because I am worthy of peace, love and harmony!

Eventually I learnt to think positively, eventually, the universe was giving me more to smile about.
Eventually, I was rarely ever asking, why not me? at all.

I am at peace, I am love, I am worthy and I thank
the Universe, my Creator for harmony.. yes me! Why not me!?

..if that makes any sense to you at all? LOL.. it does in my mind, which I will admit, can be a scary place. 😉

Mid Morning Dreams (1)

“…and they stood in the pouring rain, embraced tightly in each others arms, like 2 best friends could. She wished her well with her new life as they scrunched each others jackets, neither, not wanting to be the first to let go. “I’m so sorry for what happened, it wasn’t my intent to insult you, it never was.”
“It’s okay, I understand, water under the bridge.”
They kissed eachothers cheek before looking into eachothers eyes. “Be well, be happy.”
“I will and you too be well and happy.”
That was a rainy spring morning and now she fought off the freezing winter winds. She walked with her head down and slightly turned away from old man winter, not wanting to make eye contact with even a relative of Mother Nature, afraid that if he really saw her depth through the windows of her soul, it would send a chill down his spine…..” By Snowy