Where were you?

ImageNo one knows what goes on behind closed doors, yet I have seen it again and again how people will judge others on what they think they know and listening to gossip. But no matter, the people that love you uncondtionaly will stand by you even with out hearing both sides of any story, because the natural thing to do is support those we love. I dedicate this poem to the victims of abuse.. abused from both sides of the door.


Where were you?

when I was being choked?

Where were you

when he tried to run me

off the road?

Where were you

when I was bathing

bruises on my body?

Where were you

when I heard

the gun cabinet door?

Where were you

when I was called

a slut and whore?

I needed you then,

but got the cold shoulder

Where were you?


Another Key Of Spirituality – Unconditional Love

empty soul  ditya

When you love with your ego, you are not feeling. It’s a love from the head, where there is not always common sense. And so many live by and love by their ego, mother, father, doctors is pretty much a label we give ourselves. Sadly we seem to be people that need labels and numbers. Yes we all fill rolls in our life times. It is just about letting go of expectations and loving another without those expectations. There is no limit to unconditional love. It is a love that is free flowing and eternal.

Spiritual love comes from the heart, we learn to love everything and learn how to love even those who do not love us the same. It is so simple a love, but something that makes a person feel so grand! After a while when you begin to love spiritually, we naturally radiate that sort of love to those around us and they learn to also love, unconditionally. I have been loved unconditionally from the beginning till this day by my Higher Power and it is His love I want to radiate, that love to those around me naturally.