Why Me?

Why Me?

Two little words that get asked alot and most of the time, the one asking doesn’t even know who they are asking that 2 word question to. Even if we don’t have an actual being we are asking, the point is we are putting that two word question out there to the universe, who is always listening.

When things go great in our lives, we don’t say, Why me?, it is always when things are going bad, as we feel it, in our lives, so the universe answers us with more of what we are asking for.
A few years back, I started asking, Why Not Me?, then I focused on the answers. Again believing what I put out to the universe, would come back to me…
Why Not Me?
.. because I wouldn’t wish my pain on anyone else.
.. because with every heart ache, I am becoming more loving.
.. because what pains me to hear, I grow more empathy
.. because I am worthy of peace, love and harmony!

Eventually I learnt to think positively, eventually, the universe was giving me more to smile about.
Eventually, I was rarely ever asking, why not me? at all.

I am at peace, I am love, I am worthy and I thank
the Universe, my Creator for harmony.. yes me! Why not me!?

..if that makes any sense to you at all? LOL.. it does in my mind, which I will admit, can be a scary place. 😉

You’re My Addicition

I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years and quit cold turkey over a year ago. I wrote this poem while I was smoking. I found it hard thinking about quitting smoking, more so than the act of quitting. It was like I was going to say good bye to my best friend and to be honest, the cigarette was my best friend, my addiction!


To touch the tip
With just my lip
To me,
As sweet as chocolate.
I crave you ever so much
To have you close
To smell you
You are my crutch
Soothing to me as a musette
Who thought one could feel such euphoria
From a frigging cigarette!