Time Escapes Me!

I haven’t written any poetry in a while, but this morning over coffee, life kind of got poetic. So here is what fell from the tips of my fingers to the keyboard. Enjoy!
~Time Escapes Me~
Just when I think I have it’s hand, it moves ahead.
“Wait! Wait for me Please?” I cried aloud
Over it’s shoulder it smiles and says
“Time waits for no one child! Do what needs to be done now!”
Falling to my knees, I cry out. “But, I have so much to do, where do I find you Time? I am so tired!”
“Many before you have tried to stop Time child!’ he laughed, “but no one can stop Time, you make me! and you will always find me, if you want me. Take me! Share me! Because the day will come, where you wished you had!”
I whispered through tear drops, “I can not let Time escape me. I will find you and together we will capture moments in Time!”

Until There Is No More Time Left



Sometimes you sit in the quiet morning, before the sun rises, before others begin to stir, before the beginning sounds of morning traffic drive by your window and all you hear is you. You hear each breath you take, the clicking of a heating register, the ice box motor and the loudest sound is the clock on the wall.. you hear time.
You hear time clicking away and before it reaches the finish line, you think of past times, all the moments of your life that you were dealt, all the moments of life, that you made choices, some good moments, some not so good moments, but every second, a time of your life.
You think of the times you were so misunderstood, when no one took the time to ask you, how you were doing or that maybe just for a second you were thinking of stopping time, about ending time, as they know it, because you did not have enough energy left to spend another minute trying to make the world understand, that all you needed was, time.
You think of all the days, you tried your best to spread the hours out amongst those who needed your time, only to have it wasted because your time was not appreciated, because you just didn’t take enough time, according to them, to give them more time..but you gave as much time as you could in the 24 hours of any given day. So they push you away, not wanting your time, not the moments you were able to give, no, you weren’t measuring up in seconds, in minutes, in hours, in days, it was never enough.
But the day comes, and for a second there is a glimmer of hope, a measure in time, where you find the strength to go on, just one more day and into the next day, next month and year, you take back time that you spent trying to please the unpleasable and spent that time on you.
Take your time, said that voice inside your head, take it slow, take all the time you need and don’t worry about giving back, because the time you spend on yourself is not returnable, it is yours to do with as you want, just don’t waste another second of your, me time.
Because one day, there will be no more time left, on this earth, to spend it doing the things you love, the things you want to experience, your time will end and  you can be happy knowing YOU were time well spent with no regrets.
And all that is left will be the questions by others, why didn’t I give just a little more time? One day, a moment, just a little more time? Because time is not promised to anyone, don’t take it for granted..
Live, love and laugh, this moment in time…

Born To Be Your Gaurdian Angel


While we are here on this earth we are in the human body form and when someone we or someone we love passes over, they once again become spirit, leaving us wanting and missing what their human form gave while they were here on earth.

Of course we miss the sound of the voice, the touch of the hand, the scent of their skin. And if we focus on those 3 sensations alone, we are missing completion. Who we are completely, who we were from the beginning, even before we took our first breath of life on earth. Spiritually complete. There are times when I write that I wonder if what I say is like a foreign language. Only because it is hard to explain something at times that you have experienced and because it is not visable in solid matter, others can be skeptic.

 We need to realize we are never alone, that those who passed over are now guardian angels. And these angels are from our long family history. Great grandparents to parents, siblings and friends alike today. Even those who have set pets to rest, they are animal spirit guides.

I have experienced again and again, where I have prayed to those who have passed over and my prayers are answered, always. That is exactly what they want to hear, for each of us to call out to them. They can not help if not asked. Ask and you shall receive, I can not say that enough. We are here of free will and we just need to will their company , their assistance and they come forward manifesting exactly what we are asking for. Sometimes their answers will come from other people around us and it is not coincidence that John or Alice has an answer for you, to the question you asked of an angel or spirit guide.

I do not write this post for the fun of writing a post, it is my actual belief and my experience.

Learning to open our hearts is the beginning to living a life of contentment here on earth knowing that those who have passed over are still very near. Our souls and spirits live in a place where there is NO time. So don’t worry, we are never too late to ask for help.

One of my favorite songs regarding being someones Gaurdian Angel.. enjoy!