Assumption Class 101


Gooble gooble!! And hooray for chocolate kinda weekend!!..A few religions are celebrating the rising of Jesus from the tomb..tis Easter! After dying for you and you and you and me! Apparently. Well that is what I was taught in Grade school and I believed what I was taught back then. Why would I assume teachers, priests, nuns, even family elders would lead me in a bad direction or tell me falsehoods?..not intentionally, I hope.

So today and a few yesterdays, I was and capable of learning, gathering information at my own pace, at my own level of understanding/comprehension. My own belief today is to let children decide when they are adults which  path in the world of religions they want..hoping it is one that brings them inner peace and sees life in a beautiful light of appreciation for it. And the strength to keep learning about life, as well as accepting others and what they believe in, how they chose to live, whether it entails following a faith or not. Again not assuming what those faiths or cultures are about. Life on this earth has so many, who live, day in and day out making assumptions about others..neighbours, family and friends. Listening to 3rd party gossip is not learning. Do your own research about religions and cultural paths others follow or were born into. So many make crude remarks about subjects they have no clue about.

So, in closing..if you are unsure about a subject or how a culture lives and believes in..take yourself out of Assumptions Class a Field trip..ask questions..LISTEN, to the educators of the and children, attend functions and circles!!.. The greatest 2 words to begin healing between all races, religions, genders and sexes is…

I Understand!…and each of us..shall also rise above the pain of ignorance and assumption!!

Enjoy your day, how ever you choose to celebrate .

My Trail Mix

me4I started walking this path the day I was born, but it did not become a reality for me until 2005 and I don’t think it will ever end.

My belief in something greater than myself.. a Goddess, a God, a Creator.

This Creator of mine is not who/what my parents believed in, the schools or churches I went to as a child. This Creator is something/someone who was with me through all my own life experiences, the most recent since 2005. My Creator has brought me comfort and salvation through lessons and unconditional love.  My Creator showed me, my own strength.

Until the day comes when we all hit our bottoms or begin searching for peace of mind, soul and body, the Creator awaits without judgement, arms wide open and guidance.

I found my Creator between the Wicca teachings and my native culture. I am fulfilled and humbly grateful.

Where have you found your peace of mind and spirit?


Heaven On Earth

aheart.pngI am sure each of us has heard someone say, “I found heaven on earth!” And depending who is saying it, that place can mean to be, many different places or things. Some may describe a mansion, a new car, a new job that pays more, a new relationship or winning the lottery, now having the ability to create that space called, heaven on earth. All those things do and will eventually come to an end, some way, some how and then we are once again searching for heaven on earth. We won’t find heaven on earth on a piece of property, 3 or more acres wide, or in a bank account, or in a new car or in the arms of another. Yet it is here, within a small area and it holds so much, it has never ending storage of all the things that truly do contribute to our heaven on earth. You can show it to others, yet no one can see it. And its amazing, how great it feels when you add more things to this unlimited space, heaven on earth.
This heaven on earth is your heart and your Spirit lives there. All those you treat right, all good deeds, keep filling your heart and are welcomed by Spirit. The reward is unlimited space, storing great feelings, that come and go. Don’t be afraid to open your heart and give pieces away. Let love in and it will constantly rebuild which was taken or broken. And you will, into eternity, have your own little space, called, Heaven On Earth!

Here I Am!!

Such a great feeling, yet I have this difficulty explaining exactly just what that feeling is… living in the moment…

So many friends and family are always planning for the future, I don’t. I have learnt to live in this moment. And at times, I do need to self check myself, when I find myself leaning towards, sad or feeling depressed. 99% of the time, when I am feeling that way, it is because I was dwelling on the past or expecting more of tomorrow. So one learns and forms the mindset.. I can’t change yesterday and realistically, I can’t predict tomorrow.

Here I am, happy! Most of the time, excessively.  I came across a small write up with regards to living in the now and wanted to share with you, because it states pretty much, the definition of doing that.. for myself anyway.

The Eternal Present!!

“Be Here Now! Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have! Waiting is a state of mind. Basically, it means that you want the future; you don’t want the present. You don’t want what you’ve got, and you want what you haven’t got. With every kind of waiting, you unconsciously create inner conflict between your here and now, where you don’t want to be, and the projected future, where you want to be. This greatly reduces the quality of your life by making you lose the present.

There is nothing wrong with striving to improve your life situation. You can improve your life situation, but you cannot improve your life. Life is primary. Life is your deepest inner Being. It is already whole, complete, perfect. Your life situation consists of your circumstances and your experiences. There is nothing wrong with setting goals and striving to achieve things. The mistake lies in using it as a substitute for the feeling of life, for Being. The only point of access for that is the Now.

Have you ever experienced, done, thought, or felt anything outside the Now? Do you think you ever will? Is it possible for anything to happen or be outside the Now? The answer is obvious, is it not?

Nothing ever happened in the past; it happened in the Now.
Nothing will ever happen in the future; it will happen in the Now.
What you think of as the past is a memory trace, stored in the mind, of a former Now. When you remember the past, you reactivate a memory trace – and you do so now. The future is an imagined Now, a projection of the mind. When the future comes, it comes as the Now. When you think about the future, you do it now. Past and future obviously have no reality of their own. Just as the moon has no light of its own, but can only reflect the light of the sun, so are past and future only pale reflections of the light, power, and reality of the eternal present. Their reality is “borrowed” from the Now.

The essence of what I am saying here cannot be understood by the mind. The moment you grasp it, there is a shift in consciousness from mind to Being, from time to presence. Suddenly, everything feels alive, radiates energy, emanates Being. -ET”

My Depression ~ My Faith

from years ago.. time changes everything.. as does ones faith



We are not always lucky to lead grounded lives. I don’t know what the percentages are but I think the odds of all of us going thru trying times in our lives is pretty high. And if you talk to most people who have overcome the hardships, most have said it was when they started to have Faith.

Faith in something greater than themselves. No one has to walk the rough roads alone, but we will walk it and when we get to the crossroads, some do take the one that has to do with FAITH or the other, which some never return, SUICIDE and then there is the one of DENIAL, where a person says they are okay, but their actions say so much more and the last one is where a person chooses to keep wondering down the road of SELF DESTRUCTION, with drugs and alcohol.


I can…

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I Don’t Recall


“It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.”

I don’t believe that quote anymore, as I age.

There is many things I don’t recall how to do or what I did to achieve a positive outcome. Timing is every thing, it helps us forget and helps us remember. I ask a lot of questions of friends and family (Mom use to call me a, Question Box) and a lot of the time, the answer is, “I don’t remember.”

And what about the  younger generation?  Who think they know everything. I think I have forgotten more than they know, I just don’t recall half of what I know.

Memories are an important part of my life, I don’t live in the past, but I don’t want to forget it either. Because Mom had dementia and I do recall her frustration when she could not recall something.  So, I will keep talking, asking questions and probing for answers. I love google!!…

Keep sharp, be that 2 year old who constantly ask questions. You never know what you could learn, if you listen. But that is another subject, eh?. 😉

Where was I going with this

He Forgot To Say I Love You


11 yrs ago this month, a great man left this earth…My Father..Eugene D. Solomon. Dad wrote me a letter before that year, explaining why and apologizing for not expressing the words..I love you…to me as a child. I did not take his apology serious…until…after his passing, he come to me through a medium. Now some may say its all hocus-pocus,  however I never met or knew of this mediums existence before that day. She said, your father stands behind you (described him in detail) with a small dog in his arms, your dog and with a sad face he said he apologizes for taking your dog away. (he also related other details that no one but he and I would know about). Yes, that was my dog and yes this time, I accepted his apology for all the wrongs and accept to this day all the love he shares with me as my Guardian Angel with each breath against my cheek before I go to father whispering the words, I love you. His personal best was what I received as a child and his unconditional love now, into eternity. Take no one for granted! This is the day of a new beginnings, don’t waste the season, live in the now and love every waking moment!!!