I Just Gave Up!

I gave up on us
broken pieces
I gave up on my addiction
foggy decisions
I gave up on conditional love
aching hearts
I gave up on taming my demons
toxic energies
I just gave up
because… sometimes
…..one has to be strong enough to just let go……

~ written by Snowy Impressions – November 14, 2016


It’s Here!!


It’s here, my friend and published author of great poetry works new book is out!.. Gordon P. Bois’s, The Washboard Effect arrived  by mail today. Two copies, one to donate to the local library and a signed copy for myself.

On the back jacket is also, my quote with regards to this book. I am proud to have Gordon as a friend and a sounding board with any questions or thoughts about my own writing and the process of being a published author..

You can find all over Gordon’s books for sale at this link.. you won’t be disappointed.


Stir It Up by Snowy


Stir it up

What a mix
This turned out to be
There’s various ingredients
sometimes it’s sweet
Is that how it’s suppose to be?

Mixed with emotions
And subtle ways
Great character
Warm or cold
Depends the day.

No matter which two
You do combine
It can rise or fall
Blend perfectly or separate
You’ll see in time.

Couples walk by everyday
Stir it up and you will see
Still in love, see how they blend
Simmered to perfection
In each other, a life long friend.

Rise Above by Cynthia

fade away by Emberroseart
Do you love me?
Like I need to be?
One love, true love.
Does it rise above?

I don’t want to be loved
Like the rest!
I don’t want the smile
You smile for everyone else!
I don’t want the
Like you give a another
I want it all
I want that
True love
Has not another
I want you souly
Like no other
I need to hear
I love you
Only you
And seal it
With a tear

Do you love me?
Like I need to be?
One love, true love.
Does it rise above?

Naughty Notables

All these poems/verses are written by myself..

I am a slave
to my passion
by a thread
No light
at the end
of my tunnel
Poke and prod
Never ceasing
To amaze
So many sides
Dark and naughty
A delightful dish
Bad words
Heavy sex
A smorgasbord
A naughty minds wish
Sensing, feeling
Every bit
on the tip
of my tongue
Hear it
Read it
White to black
Holiness unsung.
Dark confessions
You’re feeling
By the depths
Got my point across
Unsettled promises
I can’t keep
This dark side
of my being
Wakened when your
world sleeps
You’re unable
to accept
Even in this life
worn body
A spirit
Of naughtiness
Does creep.
Your wanton ways
leave me wanting
Raunchy, rough
carnal desires
In the morning
and evening hours
The lustful, immoral
thoughts inspire.


Your lascivious ways
are so erotic
That devil may care
attitude excites me
Seen by only you and I ,
no soul around
Our own little world,
so sensual as need be.

So be as passionate
as you plead
Whisper your thoughts
or scream aloud
Let yourself go,
an orgasmic quest
Abandoned morals,
I shall fill your need.