I Don’t Recall


“It’s like riding a bike, you never forget.”

I don’t believe that quote anymore, as I age.

There is many things I don’t recall how to do or what I did to achieve a positive outcome. Timing is every thing, it helps us forget and helps us remember. I ask a lot of questions of friends and family (Mom use to call me a, Question Box) and a lot of the time, the answer is, “I don’t remember.”

And what about the  younger generation?  Who think they know everything. I think I have forgotten more than they know, I just don’t recall half of what I know.

Memories are an important part of my life, I don’t live in the past, but I don’t want to forget it either. Because Mom had dementia and I do recall her frustration when she could not recall something.  So, I will keep talking, asking questions and probing for answers. I love google!!..lol…

Keep sharp, be that 2 year old who constantly ask questions. You never know what you could learn, if you listen. But that is another subject, eh?. 😉

Where was I going with this

The Think Jogger ~ Dedicated to Runner Michael Santoni


Divergent is another word for unnatural, untypical or contrary to name a few. Recently I have seen that word paired up with thinker, a divergent thinker. And I have decided I am a divergent thinker. As where some people get a natural high from yoga or running, anything really, I love to think and on the days I wish I did not think so much, I still think. Believe me when I say being a , think jogger, is just as tiring as one who puts on their runners and jogs a few blocks. A think jogger looks at all side of any situation, the funny side, the not so funny side, the common side and so on. They pick it apart, only to put it all back together again and make it whole, hopefully better than it was before it was picked apart.

My brain is pooped!