Sad But True!! Liar Liar! Pants On Fire!


A dishonest person will clear their throat a lot, breath faster, have decreased blinking of the eyes, look away from the person they are talking to, change the subject, get defensive quickly, they add un necessary statements when answering your question..

Most of us, can notice changes in another person when they are lying. But what should we do with a relationship where a person is steadily lying? Detach. Simple. Because to be able to live life on a happy note, respect, empathy and honesty are the 3 essentials. We don’t have to have a life time relationship with everyone that enters our lives. It’s okay to say NO, to people and things that bring us more hurt than happiness. Our intuition with regards is a inner radar that most of us don’t listen to, often enough.

A person that lies a lot are usually people who can’t handle the truth, which is usually about themselves and their lives. A liar is not necessarily a bad person, they are just someone who is having a hard time with life and until they get the help they need, they will continue to make up life. Sad but true


SAD BUT TRUE! By Metallica

Someone Saved A Life Tonight


At the time, when we are waking which seems like hell, trudging through life, our feet feeling like they are in cement and then another cement block across our shoulders… a binding around our chest, squeezing the life out of us, we are smothering. And the only time we feel good is by venting pain on to other people, hurting and insulting them, only to have them come back at us, causing us more pain and shame. Or drowning our sorrows in a bottle of booze, injected dope into our veins, to numb our brains of yesterdays, today’s and any tomorrows.

Wait! Actually it is or was a blessing!. Yes a blessing, because when we are ready to hand over our troubles to God, admitting we have no more strength to carry our own burdens, put our hearts into the hands of a loving and compassionate God and trust that he will help us to stand straight, but it don’t stop there. The healing that is about to take place in our lives, will be a lesson to teach others, to help others who are also ready to commit to a life of happiness.

Life is our University, our schooling and there is a purpose for where we are at any given time in our lives.

When we stumble upon a another person who just seems to be too darn happy and has all the wisdom we are in search of, the right answers on how to deal with what we are going through, it is because they were where we are at this exact moment.

You just may have saved a life.


I Am Not Impressed

This is how I do it! Or how it works for me, my thoughts come in waves, at any time, any where and I like it best when it comes in waves close to my computer, so I can get the thoughts down before I forget them.
This morning I was blow drying my hair. My hair drying being rather loud, blocking out any other sound but the ramblings in my mind. This morning a conversation I had with a great friend come to mind, I guess it could be about, my expectations, of myself and then of others. I realized having expectations of other people can only leave disappointment most of the time. So I concentrate on my self expectations and disciplines.
I am one person on this planet, for every 10 people that know me, there is a few million who don’t. Which is fine by me because I like to concentrate on one person at a time at any given time. And to that person I will give priority. And I have also come to realize that there is only one that I do try to impress with my actions, with my thoughts, with how I live my life on any given day.. God..with HIM being the reason I am the way I am, I think any one else in my life has and will always benefit.
HE don’t care what my body looks like, what the color of my skin is, who is my favourite movie star or what political party I follow.. None to be honest. J All he cares about is if I am spreading love and inspiration to those around me. I think I do and on the days I feel like I don’t, some one I know, comes out of the woodwork with a short message to say I have. That I know is God , letting me know, he approves of how I am living my life.
I try to imagine my days without my FAITH, especially my painful days with ankylosing spondylitis. I know they would be unbearable and instead of believing HE will ease my pain and burden, I would fall and want to give up. I can not spend my days trying to impress anyone in my life. This is me, myself and I.
I come across a friends blog, Chris Martin and want to share with you, just a small part of it, where he talks about Jesus’s cares. Well what he thinks HE cares about and I will agree with him.

“The fate of all mankind was precariously hanging in the balance, and one perfect human decided it was worth everything to become love, and make the ultimate sacrifice. He didn’t shed His blood so we can protest same sex marriage. He didn’t offer Himself as a living sacrifice so we can debate whether or not there will be a tribulation. He certainly didn’t sweat drops of blood in the garden to give us an opportunity to judge people and condemn them when they fail. He died for us, so we can live for Him.
Live for Him? What exactly would that look like? It means dying to everything we want, and following Him in all that we do. NO MATTER WHAT THE COST. We can’t prioritize our desires over what Christ wants for our life. The scars he obtained on that dark day, when God turned His back, give Him the right to request our complete surrender. We argue and debate over things like taxes, sports, and religion, but are we willing to die for them?
Jesus surrendered His own wants and desires in order to fulfill the plan of God. And He did it all while envisioning His own death. What does Jesus care about? He doesn’t care about our politics, or how many different languages sang America the Beautiful in the Super Bowl commercial.
He cares about our eternal destination.”

………what are your cares and who you trying to impress?……….