In My Defense

aa4c846b30e4a8bd78723c9b3f494747As time goes by, I have this ability to fend for myself freely, in all aspects of my life and feel great content in doing so.

I realized that pretty quick a few years back, it is I who can solve my own problems. I may wonder about yours, yet not make them my own. I see them as teaching moments…that..”what would I do in that case?”, moments. I have choosen my own spiritual expression and believe in some of yours. Yet I don’t use my spirituality as an excuse to harm or meme any creature, any part of nature or another human being. Because I do believe that what I radiate comes back to me!!

I definitely don’t need the confines of any church or any persons lifestyle to feel the freedom of beauty and light..right and wrong. I just need time within my own soul..and time outside under the sun or moon. This is where my energy comes from.

I am learning through the Wicca teachings and it works for me.

Find your peace! Develope it..nurture it!

He And I


No matter how steep the mountains I climb, when I reach the top I will get on my knees and thank you God!

On My Knees by Snowy Solomon

I broken the tree line,
climbed to the crest of the sand dune
As I descended,
hot beach sand
found the spaces
between my toes
Deep breaths,
eyes squinting,
even with the shade
from the canopy on forehead, my hand made
My mouth was parched
of saliva,
yet my skin was drenched
Of sweat,
my cotton shirt
clinging to my skin,
where ever the
would guide
it to touch.
I knew you had to be here
because it was not so far back
I felt you
pass right through me,
entering my being from the rear,
exiting my frontal
Like a vacuum
pulling me forward,
sending me
on my knees.