Free To Believe

Judgement is alive and well in the world today. No matter what you practice, whether you are among a minority or majority, if the masses or powers that be were taught at a young age something is not right, they truly believe it is not.

It takes years to empty ones head of old school thinking/methods/brainwashing, when their heart and soul believes in something else. Who is to say what is right or wrong?

Living in small town Canada, this is right in my face, truth. Being raised Catholic, I lived in a catholic religion world. I was afraid of “God”, I was afraid of the priest, I was afraid of talking out loud within the 4 walls of the church. I was so afraid to sin! I was afraid to eat before church on Sunday because I was told, you praise “God” on an empty stomach. Did “God” like the sounds of rumbling stomachs, as His followers knelt before the priest in the church on Sunday morning? As a young girl, these are the thoughts that would float through my little brain, as I stood, knelt and sat at my pew beside my elders. I couldn’t see anything from my pew, being as short as I was, as I am, but I could hear the rumbling stomachs, as well as the off key congregation singing , The Old Wooden Cross and smell the bad morning breaths hovering over my head. Funny thing is, with regards to the wooden cross, just a couple years ago, when I posted in my social media, a picture of Jesus, resembling, Carey Price, my Habs goalie with the slogan, “God Bless Jesus Price”, one of my followers, a practising Catholic was so insulted that I did and he made comment to just how insulted he was, that another follower responded to him,

“Put down the cross, we need the wood!”

The practising Catholic was so angry and the gent on a spiritual journey wasn’t. Why?And that gent was a believer in The Creator,  on his journey of recovery, so it made me begin thinking more of this whole religion thing. Where was it leading me? \how and what roll was it playing in my life, positive, negative or at all?

What or who could I relate to, as an adult, free to pick my leader. lol And where do I want to be lead to? This is where my native culture began to play a greater part in my life and a pagan world I had began following years prior but let the teachings fall to the wayside. So I picked up where I left off.

Oh what a judgemental world we live in and how real that is when you follow a path of Wicca beliefs, paganism and the church of nature. I still have a long way to go, but what a beautiful inner peace I have gained. I don’t question my being, like I did for so long. I am perfect, just the way I am and so are you!

Believe in what you want, I won’t judge you or force upon you my beliefs, I ask for the same in return. There is the biggest challenge for us all. 😉


If You Only Knew!!

I wonder at times if people realize what it takes for another person to be on this planet day after day? What struggles they survive and continue to survive because they won’t ask for help or charity. Do you ever look at a person and think, they are living a good life, after all they are dressed nicely, they present themselves in a clean, positive way, so they must be living a happy life, right? Look at them, they are smiling! They are happy! They are not skinny or look pale in skin color, they are healthy looking, well fed. They are living a good life.
They don’t complain on a daily basis or hardly ever about life, so they must be living a good life and are happy!
Ohh, but if you only knew..
…how much pain physically that person was in, under that smile.
..if you only knew, the emotionaly pain that person goes through on a daily basis, because they don’t want to come across as a complainer or whiner.
.. if you only knew what that person went without in the food cupboard this month so they could enjoy a night out or pick up that personal item, to treat themselves.
.. if you only know how much pasta and breads were in their cupbaord because they can’t afford fresh veggies and fruit on a daily basis.
..if you only knew that few extra pounds is hiding a very sad person, most of the time.
..if you only knew how many singles of all ages were living below the poverty line set in Ontario and won’t complain.
..if you only knew how much it hurts that person to hear you are tired of paying their way in life with tax dollars off your paycheck.
..if you only knew how many that live below the poverty line are there because of a mental or physical disability, but don’t want to say out loud, in fear of being judged.
… if you only knew how blessed you are to have a good paying job, a new car, a beautiful home, cupboards full of food, children never wanting for anything because all they have to do is ask.
..if you only knew how close you are to living a life of poverty..
..if you only knew… much your words hurt.
.. if you only knew, that person did not wake up one day and say, I want to live a life of poverty for the rest of my life and be labelled by society. Because society will judge.. always..  whether it be about, your race, color, religion, weight, income source or something as simple as what side of the street you walk on…
.. if you only knew…  the first person who would open their door and heart to you would be the person you judged yesterday..
.. if you only knew….

Who’s Judging Who?

A freind asked me to answer this question – Do you believe that GOD is a judgemental God?



I am not sure if tonight is the right time to answer that question when recent events in my life has shown me once again, it is NOT God who judges me, but those I have grown close to or people that don’t know me at all, who are judging me.

Then maybe it is the perfect time to answer it.. Because my faith in HIM grows in leaps and bounds, that I wonder sometimes, can it raise me any higher? And yes HE does, without judging me.

Yes, I am here for a reason and been saved by HIM for a reason, yet there are days I don’t understand why and maybe I am not to question it, but go through each day, coping, dealing with and cherishing each moment I am here on this earth.

You know the saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get it? I don’t wish anymore, I pray for what I need. And that is to be understood and to understand, life and all those in my life. I know we’re all products of our environment, yet how toxic we can be when we take all that is bad, all that is a burden and carry it with us into the future, expecting different results, when we are only getting the same results. The weight of judgement and being judged we carry like it is as light as a feather yet weights us down like an anvil.

To judge me or to judge others is only a form of control. Because we want to be right and we are not in doing so. All we are doing is sabotaging our own spirit into a twisted wreck, leading us out of control, which is always the end result of trying to control others.

If God was harsh at his judging, how many of us would be struck down where we stand? Yet we wish the worse on our friends, family and strangers instead of praying for them and letting God have the final judgement, the only judgement.

I don’t know where a lot of my thoughts have derived from, they are just here, for me to see and recall. One of them being that when we pass over, all the pain and judgement we held over others, we will feel every bit of it as we move onto our final resting place, beside God. So that we go to him with pure heart.

But why wait? Would it not be so much easier to take the fear of that pain of our own judgement and do what HE would want us to do? Forgive others, because judgement is only a arm of fear. Life is a lonely life when we live in judgement of others.

So to answer the question, do I believe that God is a judgemental God? Yes and that thought alone makes me want to do better always, for myself, first, then family and friends.