Thoughtful Tuesday



When it comes to relationships, I believe most of our sadness and reason for falling apart is because we expect the other person to give as much as we do, into it. That is not always going to be the way. No 2 people will love each other at the same level every day, one of the 2 may love more one day and less the next. Understanding that, will keep the relationship balanced, not at 50/50 but at 60/40 or 30/70 and so on. Learn to accept each others personal best. And remember who you fell in love with in the beginning, with no expectations of you changing them.. change may come, only if and when a person wants it..don’t force it. Accept and carry on or reject and be alone.. we all have choices. Neither is bad, if it works for you.

Time Escapes Me!

I haven’t written any poetry in a while, but this morning over coffee, life kind of got poetic. So here is what fell from the tips of my fingers to the keyboard. Enjoy!
~Time Escapes Me~
Just when I think I have it’s hand, it moves ahead.
“Wait! Wait for me Please?” I cried aloud
Over it’s shoulder it smiles and says
“Time waits for no one child! Do what needs to be done now!”
Falling to my knees, I cry out. “But, I have so much to do, where do I find you Time? I am so tired!”
“Many before you have tried to stop Time child!’ he laughed, “but no one can stop Time, you make me! and you will always find me, if you want me. Take me! Share me! Because the day will come, where you wished you had!”
I whispered through tear drops, “I can not let Time escape me. I will find you and together we will capture moments in Time!”

My Happiness….

Have I told you lately that I am the most happiest girl in the whole wide world!!!?.. lol.. I hope you are just as happy.. It’s new and it’s free this happiness I feel. How can one define it or how can it be compared? I don’t think it can be. Many moons ago, I was in the store talking to friend and she was telling me about, the love, a person feels for a grandbabe, that it is unlike any kind of love. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe her, I just thought, how can I love another being as much as I love my own children… Until.. I had my 1st grandbabe… she was right!!.. So now this happiness I feel, for me, is a whole new level of being. And me, being a woman of words, can not find the words to describe my happiness.. its so unique.
How do you describe your happiness?