We ALL Screw Up At Times!

One thing I have learnt late in life, is that I don’t know everything..lol… imagine that eh? But seriously, over the past 13 years, I have learnt when something does not seem right, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in my life, I start reading on how to deal with what is bothering me and will at times, get professional help when I can’t figure it out on my own. Doing it this way has taught me a lot of tolerance for events, past and present and with a lot of people in my life. We don’t stop learning at 16, 26, 46 or 66 years of age. There is always something that comes up, at times, may knock the wind out of our sails and learning how to deal with these things the first time, makes the next time, not so traumatizing or unmanageable.

Maybe that is what’s wrong with our young people, who seem to be so out of control these days? Are we not listening to them or taking note of their actions that should be sending us red flags? Are we living such a fast pace life that we just don’t take the time to listen and see what is unfolding before us?

We take the time to go to the dentist when we have a toothache, we go to the doctor when we feel like crap physically, how come we don’t take care of our mental health when we are in a rough state and things just seem to be getting worse, that it can literally rock our world in a not so good way?

I hate stress, mental stress, so when I am confronted with it, I can and tend to run the other way.. there is that fight or flight thing happening. So my new homework is to learn to deal with confrontation in a positive way, for myself. No one can change anyone, we all have to want to change.

Life is short, there has to be something or someone in our lives that is worth living for while we are evolving even into our golden years, that is worth the fight?

(jumps off her soapbox)



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