My 3 Fires


He adds fuel to my 3 fires…

…my spiritual fire. He strengthens my faith, ┬áin the Creator, who brought us together, divine!

…the fires within my body. He fuels my passions. His touch, makes my soul quiver and shattered all previous heartaches.

..and the 3rd, the fires of thought. He opens the gates of wonder and ignites and feeds my enquiring mind.

..I was whole when I met him, my 3 fires smoldering.

He completes me, he fuels my 3 fires..

by Snowy*

Rather Go Blind

This singer sends shivers up and down my spine! This one is for my Dream Man.

Yes! ~ I’d rather go blind if I was told I would not see another sunrise with my dream man

Beth Hart – I’d Rather Go Blind

Hip Mr. Rogers


This youtube video is making it’s rounds among fellow bloggers, I stumbled upon it and I love it! My eldest use to watch Mr. Rogers when she was a babe. I always loved his message and this musical video puts alot of those inspiring messages together in song.The greatest message I think is his last line at the end of the video, something we don’t do enough of these days.


Amazing! Enjoy and share!!