Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse. Could They?


Well take a deep breath. No one is immune to hardship, trials and really bad days, if you’re human and on this planet called earth.

I started on a spiritual path many moons ago, actually I think I was on it before I even knew I was. What I mean, is I believe my believing in a Higher Power/God even when I was a child. As a child we don’t go to sleep at night or wake in the morning thinking about what can go wrong, we actually think of what great things are going to happen in the day ahead of you.

As a child we don’t know fear, stress, hatred among other negatives. I have stated this before, children are taught to fear, hate and stress by the environment around them.

SO most of us spend a good part of our adulthood trying to over come those stresses, the hatreds and fears implanted through out the earlier years.

I say now to those who feel they are at their wits end.. Things will get better, you will learn from this, you will gain a new strength and be able to deal better with anything else that is set in your path. It would be silly to say, now that I have faith in my Higher Power,  that nothing in my life will go wrong. Of course there will be bumps in the road, but I will be dealing with them more quickly knowing that I have the support of something/someone greater than myself.

Our spiritual being dictates to our mental and physical, how to cope each and every day.

There is a new test study in, that says,

those who gave religion or spirituality a top score were shown to have a thicker brain cortex in the exact region where the cortex was thinning in those who were non-believers…and who were at high risk for depression.

So tell me this, what harm is there in believing that you will make it through that hard time you’re going through at the moment or next week or next year? You will each and every time. Just ask and you will be answered accordingly.

I was.

Bagpipes in memory of my Mother, who passed over today, January 20, 2010. Rest In Peace Mom.

You were my amazing grace..xo


Real Men Have Ethics They Live By


I have made it no secret what a real man is to me. That does not mean I am right.  This is my post of what I think a real man will own, not so much material goods, but the strength of personality described below.

 a man of great strength lives by a code of ethics.


Native American Code Of Ethics

Rise with the sun to pray. Pray alone. Pray often.
The Great Spirit will listen, if you only speak.
Be tolerant of those who are lost on their path.
Ignorance, conceit, anger, jealousy and greed stem
from a lost soul. Pray that they will find guidance.
Search for yourself, by yourself. Do not allow others
to make your path for you. It is your road, and
yours alone. Others may walk it with you,
but no one can walk it for you.
Treat the guests in your home with much consideration.
Serve them the best food, give them the best
bed and treat them with respect and honor.
Do not take what is not yours whether from
a person, a community,the wilderness or from a
culture. It was not earned nor given. It is not yours.
Respect all things that are placed upon
this earth – whether it be people or plant.
Honor other people’s thoughts, wishes and words.
Never interrupt another or mock or rudely mimic them.
Allow each person the right to personal expression.
Never speak of others in a bad way. The negative
energy that you put out into the universe
will multiply when it returns to you.
All persons make mistakes.
And all mistakes can be forgiven.
Bad thoughts cause illness of the mind,
body and spirit. Practice optimism.
Nature is not FOR us, it is a PART of us.
They are part of your worldly family.
Children are the seeds of our future. Plant
love in their hearts and water them with
wisdom and life’s lessons. When they
are grown, give them space to grow.
Avoid hurting the hearts of others.
The poison of your pain will return to you.
Be truthful at all times. Honesty is the
test of one’s will within this universe.
Keep yourself balanced. Your Mental self, Spiritual
self, Emotional self, and Physical self – all need
to be strong, pure and healthy. Work out
the body to strengthen the mind. Grow
rich in spirit to cure emotional ails.
Make conscious decisions as to who
you will be and how you will react. Be
responsible for your own actions.
Respect the privacy and personal space of
others. Do not touch the personal property of
others – especially sacred and religious
objects. This is forbidden.
Be true to yourself first. You cannot
nurture and help others if you cannot
nurture and help yourself first.
Respect others religious beliefs.
Do not force your belief on others.
Share your good fortune with others.
Participate in charity.



People are looking for help more and more as the years go by. Whether it be with an addiction, an illness and or an relationship.
We all fall at one point of another, but the greatest strength is gained when we rise again and again. I read a fantastic quote on Tumbler.

“good relationships don’t just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly…. Want to be together.”

The 2 words in the quote that jump out to me is, time and patience. With todays fast pace, it may seem like there is no way to make time, but if we really want to save that relationship, we just may have to pencil out a few days in the week where it is a must to be on time and interact some way some how with the significant other in our lives. Time, patience and effort will certainly mend the gap between 2 people when an honest effort is given.



Rising Above

In the past 52 years I have cheated death, for sure that I know of, 4 times, the first time when I was only a couple hours old. And there can be many more times, but only my Guardian Angels know for sure.

In the past 8 years I have said, till we meet again, to a brother and my father, who passed over within 9 mths of each other and then my Mother 4 years ago.

In the past few weeks, I have prayed for and with dear friends who have lost some one they love dearly.

In the past 12 hours I have prayed with friends for a couple, dear friends, who’s young son was recently killed in a terrible auto accident.

We can not reach this age without feeling, seeing and even at times causing pain in our lives. Hopefully we have inspired more, loved more, showed more compassion and come to realize that we only have one life on this earth, that we are given chance after chance to get it right.
That we have to treat others with the utmost respect if it is what we want in return. That the 12 commandments are not a rocket science, that the 12 steps in an AA program are not demeaning for anyone to follow but are uplifting for the mind, body and soul.

I know I am truly blessed with not having any of my babies part this world before I have.

I know I am blessed for having a Mother and Father who did the best they knew how to do, the best with what they were taught.

I know I am blessed with many great friends that I can easily call family.

I know I am blessed with the love of knowing, to hear someone say they love me, is the greatest reward at the end of my days on this earth.

I know my Higher Power, my God, will always have that missing piece of the puzzle that can be life at times, if I just ask for his help, HE will see that if all fits into the right spaces in my life.

I know I am a spiritual being in this aging body and that at times even my spirit is tested and I will feel the pain of some level of abuse, by someone else or even upon my own self. But each day I will rise and give thanks for every day I am here, because there is a reason why I am here. And even if I take my last breath not knowing or understanding that reason. I smile. Yes, I smile, because at the end of the day it is all I will have left and left to give.

Richard Wagamese said it so well, about missing someone and being able to carry on..

“Missing someone is feeling a piece of your heart gone astray. Sure, it keeps beating, sure you keep breathing, but there’s a gap in the rhythm of it, and a gap in the rhythm of the everyday things around you. You seem to move a little less gracefully – but you still move – and that’s the critical thing. Because missing someone doesn’t mean all things grind to a halt. Instead, it means you move out of gratitude for the gift of their presence in your life, you move to keep experiencing, to keep confronting life head on, so that the returning when it happens allows you to reunite with them as MORE. I miss you today… but I am in the process of becoming more for you, more human, more alive, more real despite the ache. Not a bad sentiment I figure.” *

So remember life does go on and so should we no matter what and there is a reason why we are here. Take it all in baby steps, one step, one breath, one day at a time.

She’s My Source Of Inspiration


I do believe there is many great things about the world wide web, that weigh out the bad and that is people who inspire. You will find what you’re looking for on this little box that links us to the world and it is always up to us what we look for, what we give notice to. I look for the positive in life. Not only on the WWW but in my personal life, among friends and family. Because I know what the negative can do and it is exactly what it says.. NEGATIVE.. Of course periodically we will find ourselves in the company of negative people, places and or things, but we have a choice to stay or leave and or never come back. If we stay long enough, we will find we feel drained and if you’re not spiritually sound, it will suck you into a black abyss. I follow many bloggers, not only on this site but others as well and even though I may not comment on each one I read, I do read and I relate, again, because I read the positive and want to be a positive. There is a great blogger/poet on this site and this evening I could not just read this blog entry, I had to share it with you…

Our Responsibility – written by.. Source of Inspiration
As we evolve spiritually,
the impact of our words
and actions gain more power.
Because we know this, we must
be especially careful to leave only
positive, life-giving forces
wherever we go. To do this, we
must be in harmony, healthy and serene.
It is not selfish to take care
of our basic needs. When we are
tired, hungry, stressed, our
energy dips leaving us vulnerable to err.

Consider carefully with whom you
spend your time and your daily
activities. Are they uplifting or
do they drain you of your life force?
How can we share with others what
we do not have ourselves?