Born An Angel – Raised a Devil

angle wings
What a fantastic read I find by Terry Levy. It is so true what he says.. Read his thoughts and then lets find some answers..

Clinical Psychologist at Evergreen Psychotherapy Center

Before you were born you were floating warmly, comfortably, and securely in
your mother’s womb. You were snug, safe, and content. You basked in the
biochemical messages that you are loved, wanted, and all is well. Then
suddenly one day you were thrust into a frightening world of bright lights, loud
noises, and unfamiliar smells. To add insult to injury, you were torn away from
your source of security and abruptly poked and prodded. Finally, with great relief,
you are reunited with the familiar heartbeat and soothing voice that you have known
for nine months. You are held in loving arms and relax into adoring gazes and smiles.
You snuggle into the splendor of a soft warm breast and its life-giving nurturance.
Soon your sensitive and responsive caregivers learn which cry means “I’m hungry,”
“I’m uncomfortable,” or “Pick me up.” You and your caregivers are in-sync. You soon
realize you have the power to have an impact on your surroundings.
You experience that your needs will be met, and you learn patience and the
ability to manage your impulses and feelings. You learn to trust caregivers to
be reliable, the world to be safe and good, and to feel good about yourself. The
connections in your brain are developing and expanding. You begin to develop confidence, and over time, become independent, resilient, optimistic, and compassionate
toward others. You are on your way to becoming a responsible person, a good
friend, a loving spouse, and an affectionate parent.

What happened to that innocent being? How did they become serial killers, terrorists, abusers? Society? Of so, society is us.. Is you.. Is me. What are we doing wrong? What is the solution to make sure we don’t end up with these killers and abusers? What’s the answers?

As B. Schwartz – Independent Mental Health Care Worker says..

”I am now a 75 year old psychotherapist (LCSW) with over 20 years in practice, but I was aware that students in high school needed to become familiar with how the moods and actions of caring for a child (pregnancy through emancipation and beyond) effect that child for a lifetime. Your pretty picture of how this works is unfortunately not true for many, many mothers and fathers and therefore their offspring… That’s why we do what we do. We try to unbend and reconstitute our clients/patients and help them heal from a crippling start…
Isn’t it???

If You Knew You Were Dying

I heard today about someone who has just been told they have terminal cancer and a month to live. I don’t think we all understand just how precious life on earth is. How has a teen and young adult, we all have put ourselves in harms way, so many times and come out of it okay. How as we get older we begin to settle, get complacent, taking loved ones for granted, assuming the world will be the same tomorrow as it was today. Then in a split second, things change & we begin to question, why? or wish we had reached out just one more time to that person who has passed on or praised that child at the supper table for passing the grade instead of having our eyes on the television. How we should of made a phone call to Mom or Dad when we thought of it and not waited. Life is so short and I so appreciate any time I am given and try to live the best way I can.

What would you say to someone if you knew they would not be here tomorrow? What you waiting for?? Tell them now.