Comfort Food

Coming from a large family, mom, dad and 11 children, one thing I know how to cook is, comfort food!

Being a Mother of 11 children, Mom had to cook economically and I think that is the main word behind comfort food. It seems to always be food that is easy to make, usually ingredients we have in the pantry and you can make lots of it. Yum.

I was thinking of and missing mom’s home cooking earlier today and I think this week I am going to cook up a pot of her, hamburger, tomato soup, along with dad’s fried Indian scone. .. dessert will be that warm scone with a fresh jam smothering it.

Oh here goes my diet!.. Guilty pleasures!

What is your comfort food?

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What Is Dysfunctional?

Having worked in the addictions field, one word a person hears a lot is, dysfunctional. Which leads many, I find, to think, dysfunctional relates only to the world of addicts. And I have heard many deny they may be dysfunctional because there was no addiction tendencies in the family. People are not born dysfunctional, we are raised in dysfunctional surroundings. And as much as we may want to deny it, the air we were raised in at times for many is, toxic air. We all have our tolerance levels and the good thing is when we do realize things are not as they should be, when living in a toxic world and start leading lives in such a way.



I read a lot, always have. Not just the harlequin romance novels, but self help and a lot about the human conditions. Whether I am told my thoughts are wrong or to prove to myself, my thoughts are right, I get myself educated on many topics.

Dysfunctional traits come from a few traits and for those who are not living in the addiction life, it comes from.. fear… guilt and shame. When we don’t seek out the help to heal those 3 things, we live a numb life, in denial… dysfunctional!

One can only hope this post hits home in a positive way, that one person wants to seek out professional help, so they can lead a full functional life. After all, this is it.. there is not other life on earth after this one. It is what it is.. over. Live love and be happy!