Spiritual Being trying to be human. There are days I fail miserably, not wanting to call it a test, better yet a chosen path. Myself being the creator, who has lost the script and periodically remembering bits and pieces, setting them in motion. Compiling some of my thoughts, events in my life – good or bad – according to who? in blogs and poetry.

I am the 4th of 11 children, the eldest daughter born of a french mother and ojibway father. I’ve been learning of my ojibway background in the past 10 years and proud of my heritage. I have seen both parents and an older brother pass over, but feel them near always.

Writing is my passion, blogging being an outlet, along with my poetry and one book, 2 more in the making. I have nothing published at this point, but love to share it all none the less.

Thank you for visiting my writing corner and I look forward to visiting yours.

At this stage of my life, I will compromise. Beyond that I will hold my ground. – Cojone

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