Where’s Your Toque!?


One thing I hated as a child, was when Mom would make me wear a toque to school on cold winter mornings. And the only time she could make when was when she couldn’t find the hair brush that morning.

“Just put a toque on!” she would yell from the other room.
Argh! I would pout and say no, lets just find the brush. But she would interrupt me by saying I was going to be late for the bus, put on the dam toque and get out there with your brothers.

I had these 3 older brothers that would tease me all the time. Knowing, I hated wearing a toque, surely one of them would point and snicker at me, usually my brother Joey, rest in peace Bro, wishing you were still here to tease me.
And the toques back then were NOT like the cute toques now. Nope, you had a, itchy wool, blah colored toque, that was worn to keep your noggin warm. And heaven help me if I tried to remove it from my head at school, the static, would stand my messed up hair on end.


Independently Owned & Operated

If I am reading this chart correctly.
Population numbers..
35,851,774 both sexes single and married
14,245,619 of those are single
13,824,345 of those married
..the rest of that number goes to.. separated, living common law, widowed and or divorced. Which we can pretty much just add to the total of singles, showing that there is a great amount of single people in this country.
Which leaves me to believe, that all the quotes about.. HE/SHE is out there waiting.. is bs.. lol..  Yes, at times we get the shivers when we make eye contact with someone, but we keep walking and the odds of meeting that person ever again, is pretty much nil. Then you have the saying.. its just cause the right one has not crossed your path.. well yeah!..lol..
I find it more depressing thinking what all the quotes and dating sites have… no worries.. he/she is out there..  I rather start to believe he is NOT and start living my ENTIRE life for me, which I am doing now, but we all give consideration about the day, we may meet Mr. or Miss Right for us.  Every single person will strut their stuff to get the attention of the opposite sex or same sex, which ever way we swing. I have been single now for 11 years, yes a couple dates, but nothing that I would pray to my parents about at night, because they never lasted, for whatever reason.
With the minority being married in this day and age, maybe its time to stop asking the single person why they are still single and start asking the married person, why they are still married?
Now watch, tomorrow I will walk into the man of my dreams.. lmao.. Nah.. the odds of that happening are 2nd to none!

An Abused Child’s Christmas Prayer


When I think of Christmas, I think of Christmas past. Of when I was a child but more so when my children were young and living at home. Now they are living productive lives, raising children of their own and I get to spend Christmas with them and the babies. I think of all the laughter and the tears of joy, mixed in with the Christmas carols and a turkey feast.

But wait! Isn’t that what Christmas is about? About a child who was born to save us all. A child who grew up to be a Higher Power that gave up his life on this earth for all God’s children?? Isn’t that why we are to cherish the child, to gift the child because that child is our future and if we want any kind of future on this earth we need to take care of our children.

It will always be a villages duty to help raise every child born into this world. They did not ask to be born, so we as adults must do right by each and every one of them. To give them all the necessities of life, to be healthy in mind body and soul!

Then why today, was I able to type in a few words into a browser and find that  in north and south America and Canada , our children are being abused in such horrific ways??

– Police find boy cuffed with dead chicken on neck.

– Daughter locked in basement for 6 years

– Mechanic opens trunk, finds starving baby

– A 2,4,5 and 6 yr old boys found starving, living in filth

– Mom charged with helping boyfriend rape her 4 yr old son

– Mom throws infant at Deputy in a getaway bid.

Is this not the free world that other worlds to the east , west, south  look to for freedom?? Are we not a civilized continent?

Why are we in other countries fighting for what we believe their rights are, when our children’s rights are so abused ?

Give your time and any spare money to your LOCAL children’s foundations, which can be, food banks, Brownies and Girl Guide Clubs, Boys Scouts, the children’s wing at your local hospital, just to name a couple.

My stomach is sick thinking of what is taking place currently in the world around me to the children in my neighbourhood. And no, I realize that I can not save the world or every child in it. But what I can do, is save the children I do know personally, my own, my children’s children, my sisters children, my brothers children, my cousins children, my friends children.. I can save them from being abused when they should be living a life of love and learning.

I will condemn anyone I see abusing a child in my vision. It is my maternal instinct, my God given right as a Mother and caretaker.

So this year before we sit around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning, handing gifts to our children, take the time on Christmas Eve to explain to them the meaning of the season and why children are a blessing and why they are receiving gifts.. Because we were all saved, by a child that was born so long ago named Jesus. Then be ready for the questions they have. Be ready to answer them

When my children were young, we had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus Christmas Eve and I did explain to them the meaning of Christmas and why Jesus’s birthday was and is so special. It’s never too late to start a new tradition

God Bless ALL our children!!


~ Children Singing Their Praise ~

My Spirit Guide


I was driving down the Transcanada Highway, along the Lake Huron corridor, late Friday afternoon. A couple car lengths behind me in her car was a friend, who saw what was about to happen.

My heart lept into my throat when what seemed like out of no where, a huge eagle, swooped down in front of me, then as quick as it descended, it raised it’s head to soar back to the heavens. It left me in awe. I was told a few times over the past few years that the eagle was my Spirit Guide. So to see one that close and in that manner sends me a message.

Like the eagle, some may see me as a threat. Don’t let others intimidation’s hold me back from flying like an eagle. Opportunities are coming to me that will enable me to reach new heights. Be aware they are coming and have the courage to grab them. Release myself from what others think and do what I need to for my growth and development. Choose a mate carefully but when I do, it will be for life. Because when I give my best and value myself, I can expect the best and I will attract a mate who feels the same. The Eagle is a reminder of my connection to Spirit. And that for me to soar, I need to and will stay connected to Spirit.


“I am so very thankful for my life thus far and I have learnt many lessons over the past few years, gaining knowledge, even in pain and suffering. I have learnt to look forward, not down or up, because what I need in my life, who I need to see, stands before me and the sky starts where the earth ends. I am surrounded by sky and like the eagle, I will continue to soar.” – Snowy Solomon