Comparing Apples To Oranges?


I am sitting here eating an apple, looking at it, liking it’s sweet taste and I thought about when I bought 3 apples the other day, I was with my eldest daughter Mackenzie. I stood in front of a chit load of assorted apples in the store and asked her, “which one is the sweetest here, I want a sweet apple.” She answered without a 2nd thought, “The Gala apples, Mom.” So I took 3 galas and yes, there are perfectly sweet.
As I am eating this apple I started to think about when I was a wee gal and why don’t I know more about apples? Back in the day, when Dad or Mom brought groceries home, there was no question about what type of apple they brought home or if it was bananas or oranges, we ate what was set before us. Whether it was at the dining room table or in our school lunch. And we did not have such an array of choices that we grew to like or dislike any one food to any great degree. An apple was an apple, a pot of stew, was a meal, a scratch cake was a dessert. We were raised on the staples and well fed.
Yet today, the children are given so many choices, I think they have information overload. Mom would give us either cereal or toast with hot chocolate for breakfast. We were not asked what we wanted and given a choice of, eggs, waffles, pancakes, toast, cereal, pop tarts, fresh fruit.. I think by the time a parent names off the 3rd of 4th item, the kid forgot what the question was.
I think getting back to the basics, the staples in life would teach our children how to appreciate anything more or in some cases better. There is so much food allergies and cancers these days along with mental chemical imbalances.. I wonder why huh? too much garbage food out there.
And yes I can hear some of readers saying, they don’t have time to cook, they have to work. or that is why I want my children to have the choices because I didn’t.
I just think we need to get a balance back into our lives..
.. is that like comparing apples to oranges? Am I biting off more than I can chew with these thoughts?


All Pictures No Words




I am amazed at the creative eye of photographers, amateurs and professionals. Like a writer has a way with words, a photographer has a way with vision.

I have family and friends who are the amateurs and the pros when it comes to the art of vision and they all fascinate me, always, no matter what they are looking at.

Below is a link to just a few photos taken by a friend.. use your eyes to see, then use your words to leave comment. 🙂

Mike Garratty’s Photo Albums

Piles Of Crap

“In the beginning, we gave thanks for what we were given, asked for no more and did not take the Creator for granted. Today, we have created our own living hell and live each day trying to climb out of a cesspool of mental and physical crap we created by take, take, taking and never giving back to Mother Earth and Father Time. No matter how tall or short your pile of crap is, we are all to blame for abusing a world that was meant to nurture our children and grandchildren for many centuries.” – Snowy Impressions004


The Tables have Turned..

Remember the days when your parents just had to look at you in a certain way, you knew, that boldness, the  ignorance, that’s about to come out of your mouth, was not going to be tolerated, no way, now how.
Yet these days, we old school mother and fathers are walking around with our mouths hanging open at the things the younger generation have the audacity to even say to a parent or elder, whether we are in ear shot of an offence about to happen or if it is happening to our selves.
It blows my mind.. and they wonder why people over 40 are in counselling, to reduce the urge to want to take that child out as quick as they brought them into the world… LOL…. Dang!
That’s a little scare tactic that I would use on my son.. “Do it again and I will take you out of this world as fast as I brought you into it my boy!”
And it I was the tough parent and I’m sure my
children were thinking, “When is Dad going to be home?”.. LOL..
As where most Mother’s would say..”you wait till your father gets home!”
.. Not me, I believe tend to the crime at the time, there’s no parole here, just the sentencing after the facts…LOL
Where the hell did our generation go wrong? I am sure there is plenty of elders who would want to apologize to the rest of the world, if we screwed up somewhere along the way.
It does not matter, rich or poor, big or small, ghetto or gala, today’s young ones have turned the table some how..
……just saying.
— life is funny at times and when it’s not, we need to make it funny–

It’s Not Rocket Science!


Its 11:11pm and I am awake with my thoughts running amuck. I have alot on my mind, including family that is ill, a bloody goat I cant find its origin, my own health and happiness, my children’s health and happiness, a death anniversary date on January 20th, so much more and Oprah in the background promoting, Weight Watchers on a tv commercial, cause she apparently bought stock in the  Sure Oprah, give me something else to think about. To be honest I have been working on that good old diet in the past months, the goal being to loose 1/2 a pound a week.. See!, I am distracted again.. grrrr.. is that how most of your day is as well?..
Between, work, family, friends, health, money and so much more, you are feeling like you’re being spread too thin? Oh boy and I have not even got into how technology has taken over our lives to such a great degree. Everyone has a cell phone, a tablet, a lap top and I bet for most, all three are running at some point in the house. Heck, many even bring their cell phone or tablet to the bathroom with them to go through email or check facebook status messages. It’s information overload!! Are things going to get worse? Well, at this rate, so what do we do for ourselves to get a decent routine, to pace ourselves, that we are not ending up bed ridden for any length of time because of exhaustion, which can lower the immune system, bringing on so many sicknesses.
Before I relocated to where I am now living, I use to walk 3 kilometers a day and I loved it. I was addicted to walking! I felt it when I did not walk, I felt it in my joints, my entire body and my mind. things start seizing up, my thoughts get scrambled. I got caught up with things happening over the summer, that I just did not have the energy to get that daily walk in. And no one is to blame for that, but myself. I don’t like the word blame, I will just say, fell out of step with my self care. So I think pacing myself again is what I need to do, to get things back on track. And that does not mean, spreading everything out equally because I want to give my ‘self’, the majority of my time. With a 20 minute nap, with some low music, closing my eyes, with a walk around the block, with a bubble bath and at no times when I do these things am I to have any technology on my being.. no cell, no tablet! No checking email or facebook when I am sitting quiet… just breath! Just concentrate on my core, slowly making my way to the outside self.. so, spiritual me first, mentally me second, physically me 3rd and the rest of the world 4th.. . because if I am not up to par, neither will my world be up to par.. as I want it to be. I am only in control of my ‘self’ What ever happens after that self care, I then will have the energy to take on any good, any bad.
Tony Schwartz – CEO of The Energy Project is quoted at The Huffington Post…
“”It’s like having water poured into a glass continuously all day long, so whatever was there at the top has to spill out as the new water comes down. We’re constantly losing the information that’s just come in — we’re constantly replacing it, and there’s no place to hold what you’ve already gotten. It makes for a very superficial experience; you’ve only got whatever’s in your mind at the moment. And it’s hard for people to metabolize and make sense of the information because there’s so much coming at them and they’re so drawn to it. You end up feeling overwhelmed because what you have is an endless amount of facts without a way of connecting them into a meaningful story.”
Join me and slow down in 2016.. give it 6 months, to make it a great habit to pace yourself.. do it for yourself first, then the rest of your world…  no regrets!

Room review: Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay light up your heart

I went with my sister to watch this movie at the theatre.. I will say this.. it is the ONLY movie I did not take 3 minutes to visit the little girls room while it was playing… it is that good.. I can’t wait for it to come on DVD, so I can encourage everyone I know to watch it. 4 Thumbs Up!

Film and Nuance

When you watch a film long into the credits scene, that’s when you know what’s good. People of the academy may be backing journalistic drama Spotlight, others might revel in the savagery of The Revenant or Mad Max, and perhaps some of you are singing Carol’s romantic tunes. But I knew right after watching this intense film that I felt different; I felt somehow more connected, more touched, more emotional. It unlocked all the tenderness between mother and child when the confines of their prison was clearly shut close. It wasn’t easy though. With a vision in mind for her little one, Ma painstakingly deconstructs the Plato’s cave into a magical place for Jack to make sense of things. She has constructed an imaginary world which has meaning far beyond the arbitrary value of things in Room itself. How they live and adapt and brave their difficulties throughout their whole…

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