Another Mother’s Day

Amazing how 6 years later and it still feels like you passed over this morning. I try to keep busy through out this Mother’s Day weekend, but without notice a few times an hour, my heart aches so bad and tears blurr my vision. I envy all who have their Mom’s to hold and talk to this weekend, in body and mind. Yes I have your spirit, but it is I who feels so incomplete without you here. No one will understand this ache unless they are without their Mom this weekend as well. My head feels like its going to explode, because of the headache of trying to hold back tears. Yet, again, I will get through this Mother’s day as I have every Mother’s Day since you passed over. And to top off the weekend, it is the anniversary of Joey’s passing over on the 11th. Am I emotional? dam right I am. So more than likely I won’t be out and about this weekend, if anything, just a walk, alone, with music blasting through my earbuds to drowned out the world and walk off the days. People say, you wouldn’t want me to be sad, but, I am! You were the only one who held me just because, who loved me for being me, you gave me life and the day you crossed over, a piece of that life left with you. I miss you Mom and if I took any time I could spend with you for granted, or did not take the time to pick up the phone to say, hello and I love you, so you could hear my voice and I could hear yours, if I took any day you were alive for granted.. I apologize. with all my heart……..Rest In Peace…



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