Breasts! Wear On Top Of It!

Cleavage and breasts are here and there, they are every where!! Since, forever, the focus has been on the female valley of love.. LOL.. which also is a place that gives life, to the newborn child. The double standard since forever, I don’t think will ever diminish. The breast is something to focus on, literally!

Back in the day, when my Mom was a young woman, she would attend catholic church and go to the all girls school, she had to bind her chest, with white cotton strips of material, before going to mass. She told me she would actually pass out and the Nuns would blame it on the heat, not the fact that she was bound to the point she could not breath! Then Mom survived breast cancer, but not without loosing a breast to it. That was very hard for her, it took its toll on her emotionally, she cried when she stood in front of the mirror to view a chest robbed of one breast by cancer. Mom was a well endowed woman, something she handed down to all  5 daughters.

So why today would I care what, anyone, what religion, what man or other woman, think of me showing 1 to 2 inches of cleavage on any given day? I don’t. I was the first daughter born of my Mother, the first baby she breast fed, to give me life and also have learnt to love my own breast because of that magnificent woman, who taught me, if you got it, flaunt it, there will always be some one else’s reason why you shouldn’t, but they are also the first ones to look at it as well.

Rest in Peace Mom! thank you for my life, my self security and 2 great reasons, my breasts! They are mine, not anyone else’s and I will do with them, what I like or desire!