“Accepting Change ~ The most important thing in our lives is to have it aligned spiritually with the rest of the world. Being afraid of change or making it all about ones self will leave a person unfulfilled and always wondering what they are missing. Over the past years I have noticed a common thread among the most inspirational people and that is how they validate others by seeing past the physical and matter, into the depths of each person’s spirituality. And respecting all those on their life path.” – Snowy


Returning To Timeless Innocence Spiritually!

Spiritually we are timeless!!

So maybe while we are here in our human form, we should embrace each other more often, not only through a hug, but embrace each others uniqueness and be thankful that we have each other to hug, that we have each other to hear voices, to say I love you, I appreciate you, I understand you and I am so thankful to have you in my life…

“It is time to rise above anger, judgement and unhappiness. Celebrate your spirits resurrection! We were innocent from the beginning, we just forgot that we were.” ~Cynthia