Summer Vacay!!

Sitting here sipping my 1st coffee, trying to think of a trip as a family we may have taken when I was a wee gal.. and my mind goes blank..because our parents didn’t spend that kind of money..they had 11 children! We were our own Disney Land, or circus freak think I will blame, things got tough when “they” came along, the 4 Little ones.. haha.. we couldnt afford to do anything I do recall being sent to bible camp 😦 when we lived in Elliot Lake. Joey, my brother a year older than I, was suppose to come with me, at the last minute he cried saying he didn’t want to go. Ohh I was mad. And Mom bought me 2 sets of pjs from Kresgees, flannel ones, to find they were too small when I went to wear a set my 1st night there. omg!!. And there was no such thing as cell phones. There was Emergency phone numbers on your application for the camp leaders only. So I was bored! but survived by tossing a big wad of bubble gum across the dark bedroom to land in the hair of the snotty blond girl in the bunk next to mine..I be bad.. she cried and the leader yelled out, who shot thid gum??!! I turned over and cried, because that was one of those moments I hated Mom for sending me away.. so I took my pencil I wrote on my bedsheet.. I hate you Mom!.. Didn’t matter, she wasn’t washing these sheets and wouldn’t see I am not sure if my older brothers, Darcy, Geno or Joey went on any summer vacays or not. But at the end of the summer, we had memories, whether away from home or not. And now my children take their babes, my nuggets on summer vacays, making memories, as for toting along cell phones.. I wish everyone took one weekend away with their spouse and children..NO CELLS.. or electronics.. start listening to eachothers voices again, hear what they are really saying.. express like we use to do, with out loud belly laughs, screaming with laughter as you play tag, sing a song in the car as you motor along, introduce yourselves to the family in the camper parked next to yours at the campground.. go swimming! Just do stuff without the mechanics. Do you recall a vacay good or bad that you can share? Family or alone… as a child??

The Little Girl

When I first started djing online for a station owned by a lady out of New York, one of my time slots was on Sundays, where I would follow a great dj known as Bugsy, a retired police office. He did a great Sunday show and stood by in case I needed any help with mine. The one thing about internet radio is the listener is who picks the music 90% of the time. We would, as djs put a show together and the listeners were always good with requesting music for the certain show.

I got a request one Sunday morning and I did not have the song. DJ Bugsy saved the day and passed this certain song over to me. It would be the first time I was to hear the song, but Bugsy told me this gentleman would request it every Sunday. I listened and shed a few tears and at the same time realized what a great vehicle music is to get the word out with regards to any cause or circumstance.. Child Abuse being at the top of the list.
I have taken a vow to protect children and it is my natural maternal instinct also. Please protect the children! They are our future, they are innocent, they are the closet to heaven.

Enjoy the song! – Ray Boltz * Dear Mr. Jesus –