He And I


No matter how steep the mountains I climb, when I reach the top I will get on my knees and thank you God!

On My Knees by Snowy Solomon

I broken the tree line,
climbed to the crest of the sand dune
As I descended,
hot beach sand
found the spaces
between my toes
Deep breaths,
eyes squinting,
even with the shade
from the canopy on forehead, my hand made
My mouth was parched
of saliva,
yet my skin was drenched
Of sweat,
my cotton shirt
clinging to my skin,
where ever the
would guide
it to touch.
I knew you had to be here
because it was not so far back
I felt you
pass right through me,
entering my being from the rear,
exiting my frontal
Like a vacuum
pulling me forward,
sending me
on my knees.

Another Key Of Spirituality ~ Unseen Love


A great man said to me some time ago…

“I vow to give you the support needed without complaint or resignation, for that is my significance in life and the reason for my existence, I want you to touch me, feel me, giving to you, unseen, for as long as you need me, for I embrace the weight of your worlds, unselfishly”

I would say it has taken a long time to understand what he was really saying but I was not listening. Maybe it was because I was not ready to understand. It is a love unconditional, a free love with no limits. How blessed I was and how blessed I am to have had such a person in my life when I needed them most. I know my Higher Power set this person in my path. And yet, until they left my pathway, did I realize how much he was really showing me the way.

I don’t know if anyone else thinks the way I do, but to me each relationship I have with anyone.. Good or bad, leaves a mark on me and the good ones, leave me with something that can not be replaced by any other in this world, some marks stronger than others, more noticeable than others.. As with him, there will be no one ever who will or can hold a candle to what he meant to me over that entire 3 years, how forever all that it was will be stored in a most treasured spot.. My heart.. He has encouraged nothing but good in my being and for that I will be forever thankful.

I have learnt how to love, let go, and open my heart to love again. And I’ve survived those heart-wrenching, gut-twisting break-ups that slam a person to the ground and rip you to pieces whether by a loved one dying or deciding they do not or can not be with me.. All things out of my control.

I read some where this quote..”You are a link, that to me, will never go missing.” – Unknown

How often do we feel that way about some one in our lives? And how many people go through their lives never feeling that way at all about another?

I have chosen to forgive pain in my life and see how it may have benefited me instead of suffering from it. And I will always remember who has brought some kind of love to my life, for there is many kinds of love. For every separation, I have made a connection to a greater source.. My Higher Power and to me, that is healing.

As the great Ram Dass has said, ‘Keep in mind these fours words, I am loving awareness.”

I do believe that at the end of the day it is all about the unseen love of feelings.

Another Key Of Spirituality – Unconditional Love

empty soul  ditya

When you love with your ego, you are not feeling. It’s a love from the head, where there is not always common sense. And so many live by and love by their ego, mother, father, doctors is pretty much a label we give ourselves. Sadly we seem to be people that need labels and numbers. Yes we all fill rolls in our life times. It is just about letting go of expectations and loving another without those expectations. There is no limit to unconditional love. It is a love that is free flowing and eternal.

Spiritual love comes from the heart, we learn to love everything and learn how to love even those who do not love us the same. It is so simple a love, but something that makes a person feel so grand! After a while when you begin to love spiritually, we naturally radiate that sort of love to those around us and they learn to also love, unconditionally. I have been loved unconditionally from the beginning till this day by my Higher Power and it is His love I want to radiate, that love to those around me naturally.

My Healing Mantra


A Vedas saying, “ Speech is the essence of humanity.” what we think actually comes into being. Those who see themselves as spiritual, yours truly included, believe in mantra and know it is necessary to lead a spiritual life. The words become a part of your life energy, a part of you exactly. It will free you from destructive thoughts with regards to your being, not just physical destruction, but more importantly mental destruction. And a person does see the change in oneself, sooner than later because your mind hears and feels that constant vibration of positive flowing through your being and it creates that world around you.

To begin to live a simple life, one that envelopes inner peace, there is no drug or outside source than can do that for us. It is something we have to bring forth to our beings entirely ourselves and a mantra is the beginning, it is a great tool, one I had started using a few years back. I do have a peace of mind and it is that peace of mind that gets me through what ever this world throws at me. I may not understand at times why things happen as they do, but as long I know what I give back to the world and what I keep for myself is good, is positive, I believe the rest will take care of itself.

My mantra is a simple thing that I say at least 50 times a day, where I find a break in thought, it is a simple sentence that radiates through my being and it starts off like this…

I will………………… – the rest of that sentence is the max of 4 simple words. At first they come to me in a stutter, but as time goes on, that sentence is smooth, it is even, and it feels great to say it. It becomes habit to say it and the best thing is, I started seeing a change around me, the best positive change.

If you are in any mental turmoil, I wish you inner peace and know this is one way I found mine.

Here is one whole hour of Native American music to sit back, close your eyes and relax with, when you need it. I will find the time to do just that at least once a week. Blocking out the rest of the world, allowing peace in. Enjoy!

My Prayer


Dear God, I want to resign to the ache of my being’s secret surrender. Yet I know that once I was to reach the crescendo, the altitude would initiate dizziness, the heavy air embrace, my will ,as I gathered all my strength when you tended my vision with the depth I fathomed from the beginning. Then, this true love entwined my soul, released the worlds as I knew them, leaving only what was once two, now one. My release
I raised my head and looked above, I knew this escalade would take all my energies, that at times I would
to part this world as I know it. Pain or regret would not be present. For my heart, my soul, have been touched with all that I’ve asked for. You, dear Lord have touched my being, to it’s core. – Amen – Snowy Solomon

You’re My Addicition

I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years and quit cold turkey over a year ago. I wrote this poem while I was smoking. I found it hard thinking about quitting smoking, more so than the act of quitting. It was like I was going to say good bye to my best friend and to be honest, the cigarette was my best friend, my addiction!


To touch the tip
With just my lip
To me,
As sweet as chocolate.
I crave you ever so much
To have you close
To smell you
You are my crutch
Soothing to me as a musette
Who thought one could feel such euphoria
From a frigging cigarette!

Treat Others As You Would Want To Be Treated


I have been in a couple situations as of late where I am questioning the ‘Golden Rule’, when
it comes to people I care for in my life, care for at different levels, no two friends or family
member the same.

Have you found that you have one friend that you are just naturally there for each other,
whether its back patting, returning favors, keeping in touch with regularly, either by phone or
mail or in person, you’re both just there for each other, naturally. And that feels good,
spiritually. Because neither of you leave the others presence with the feeling like..”oh this is
going to cost me”.

And what if you have a friend that has some moral issues you do not agree with? It can be
hard to live by the ‘Golden Rule’ in that situation also. There are things they do that I surely
would not do, but they may say, “Well if you were my friend, you would.” What conflict that
leaves you with internally. There are those in our lives that could not do what we do as
individuals, either they just don’t have it in them or it goes against their upbringing, religion,
etc. so we can not expect them to treat us as we treat them.
It’s a dilemma for sure.

I don’t think any relationship or friendship should be wasted, there will be few that we really
connect with on the comfortable level to live by ‘The Golden Rule’, and the friends and or
family that we do connect on the same level with regards we should hang on to and cherish.
It does not mean we think less of other relationships, we just hold them again at a different
level, no one should have to go against their beliefs and to want to do everything for
everyone is not conceivable, to believe so leaves us with hurt feelings, sometimes very
strong hurt feelings.

So as for me, I am going to change the ‘Golden Rule’ somewhat, allowing me not to
contradict myself or harm any relationships I am in, at whatever level..

“Respect Others As You Would Want To Be Respected” ~ Snowy

That one word, ‘RESPECT’, can say so many things and mean so many things to so many in
our lives, as a matter of fact, it says so much to the entire world in general. And just maybe if
we all showed more, respect towards each other, there would be less wars, dramatics,
broken hearts and pity parties. I adore all my friends and will definitely treat you with respect,
because that is what I want. Oh my, I feel so much better now.. lol..

Have a great day and be renewed!!!!