The Forked Tongue!


Here is a great – Idiom –

“Beware of those who speak out of both sides of their mouths!”

Meaning ~ to say different things about the same subject when they are with different people in order to always please the people they are with.


I would think we have all met up with one or two people in our life times thus far who do exactly that.

What surprises me is most of the time even when this type of person is caught doing this, they deny it and continue to do it. That makes me wonder why.

It does say a lot about their character, that’s for sure. And also tells you whether you want to continue to be associated with a person who does this. How do you trust someone who does that continually?

You don’t!

You learn pretty quick to walk away and to believe anyone you many have in common as friends knows you well enough to question what rolls off of the forked tongue!



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