Let Me Sleep!


I have always been one of those people who sleep never came easy to. Even as a teenager, while my friends slept till noon, I was up with the sun, wishing they would hurry to wake up and start the day.

At night when I use to go to bed, I would toss and turn, think, think and think more.

As we get older, a lack of sleep plays a bad roll on our physical being in so many ways.

A risk of heart attack and stroke are greater for those who get little sleep. You have to get from 7-9 hours sleep to keep a healthy heart. I have only made it to 5 hours even now.

They say proper sleep will prevent cancer. You will also not be so stressed during the day if you get proper sleep. And stress causes inflammation in our bodies which causes premature ageing. A good night sleep keeps us more alert with a better memory, even naps make us smarter. Sleep is the best time for our bodies to heal itself, that is why the term R&B is so popular and at times we’ve heard of medical induced comas, because a person’s body is best in a sleep state for it to heal at that moment.

And last and may be the best where a lot of people are concerned, sleep keeps you slim!. The lack of sleep impacts our hormone balance.

The hormones ghrelin and leptin regulate our appetites and aid in weight loss, so not only will diet and exercise benefit us.. Get some sleep!

I have learnt to fall asleep within 5 minutes over the years, I am still honing my , stay asleep technique though.

Here is what I do to fall asleep easily at night.

I say a prayer to ease my mind and give thanks for the day.

I lay on my back, with arms to my sides.

I concentrate on my toes, curl them and then relax them. Then I  concentrate on my foot as a whole, wiggle it, then relax it, then I think of my calf’s, I stretched that part of my leg and then relax it. I do this little movement, for each muscle area of my body, concentrating on that particular part as I do completely before moving on to the next and by the time I get to my neck, I am completely relaxed, can close my eyes with ease and fall asleep.

If you are a person who has a hard time falling asleep, I hope this works for you.

It is all about keeping the mind focused on what your are exactly doing, having a tunnel vision and not thinking outside that area.

Sleep well!


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