I Respect My Privacy

Good Monday Morning! My thoughts for today..no one knows what goes on behind close doors. Which is a good thing at times, unless there is abuse taking place. With all these social media sites, the word privacy is just that.. a word.. letters cut out of wood, sitting on the ledge of an open window, the breeze flipping the curtains, leaving a slight view of the life of the person(s) within. Learning that “everything” does not need to be communicated on social media shuts the door on the negatives, such as the “silent sabotage” and “nosey Nellies”. The best part is how, positive communication, will play a bigger part in your life. When loved ones, friends and or family, take the time to reach out, to communicate, in private, as do you. And those relationships remain strong or get stronger. Then there is the positive side of sharing, that comes from growth, which occurred, when a person shares what it took to overcome an issue, whether it be, physical, mental or emotional. Those are the people who write self help books or blogs for to help others overcome not so good experiences.

So todays lesson is about respecting your own privacy, because if you don’t, who will?