Returning To Timeless Innocence Spiritually!

From May 2013

Snowy Impressions

Spiritually we are timeless!!

So maybe while we are here in our human form, we should embrace each other more often, not only through a hug, but embrace each others uniqueness and be thankful that we have each other to hug, that we have each other to hear voices, to say I love you, I appreciate you, I understand you and I am so thankful to have you in my life…

“It is time to rise above anger, judgement and unhappiness. Celebrate your spirits resurrection! We were innocent from the beginning, we just forgot that we were.” ~Cynthia

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My Soul My Home Fires


We all have scars, but the ones that get past them are the ones that recognize them, validate them and then see them as beauty marks, not markings of detest or ugly. Because they are what makes us up in mind, body and soul.

You ever come in contact with the  people who are seemingly frustrated a lot with scars, with life, saying they think they deserved better treatment from others and from life? And while they are thinking of what they are deserving, a part of the soul and spirit perish in loneliness. The world we desire does exist and is real. If it is one of happiness and joy or sadness and pity, what you put out, you get back.

In some of us a spark goes out and as long as we keep the windows to our soul and spirit closed, nothing can penetrate and ignite that spark again.. Nothing and no one.

There is a transformation that takes place, if we want it to. I will compare it to living in a pine cabin during the cold northern  Ontario winter months.

I use to love being gone from the cabin for the weekend, visiting somewhere, coming back to a pile of snow in drive and atop the roof, temperatures still below minus 20 degrees Celsius. To go in the cabin and it be so cold,  the best part was lighting the woodstove, getting it roaring to heat what once was cold, transforming what was once frozen to a warm spark and glow.

That is how the spirit is. We can leave it in the dark and dingy or work on striking up some heat, lighting a spark to warmth rest of our being.

Keep your home fires burning, share love and give love.

Robin Casarjean said, “Take the time to come home to yourself every day.