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If I am reading this chart correctly.
Population numbers..
35,851,774 both sexes single and married
14,245,619 of those are single
13,824,345 of those married
..the rest of that number goes to.. separated, living common law, widowed and or divorced. Which we can pretty much just add to the total of singles, showing that there is a great amount of single people in this country.
Which leaves me to believe, that all the quotes about.. HE/SHE is out there waiting.. is bs.. lol..  Yes, at times we get the shivers when we make eye contact with someone, but we keep walking and the odds of meeting that person ever again, is pretty much nil. Then you have the saying.. its just cause the right one has not crossed your path.. well yeah!
I find it more depressing thinking what all the quotes and dating sites have… no worries.. he/she is out there..  I rather start to believe he is NOT and start living my ENTIRE life for me, which I am doing now, but we all give consideration about the day, we may meet Mr. or Miss Right for us.  Every single person will strut their stuff to get the attention of the opposite sex or same sex, which ever way we swing. I have been single now for 11 years, yes a couple dates, but nothing that I would pray to my parents about at night, because they never lasted, for whatever reason.
With the minority being married in this day and age, maybe its time to stop asking the single person why they are still single and start asking the married person, why they are still married?
Now watch, tomorrow I will walk into the man of my dreams.. lmao.. Nah.. the odds of that happening are 2nd to none!