Mid Morning Dreams (1)

“…and they stood in the pouring rain, embraced tightly in each others arms, like 2 best friends could. She wished her well with her new life as they scrunched each others jackets, neither, not wanting to be the first to let go. “I’m so sorry for what happened, it wasn’t my intent to insult you, it never was.”
“It’s okay, I understand, water under the bridge.”
They kissed eachothers cheek before looking into eachothers eyes. “Be well, be happy.”
“I will and you too be well and happy.”
That was a rainy spring morning and now she fought off the freezing winter winds. She walked with her head down and slightly turned away from old man winter, not wanting to make eye contact with even a relative of Mother Nature, afraid that if he really saw her depth through the windows of her soul, it would send a chill down his spine…..” By Snowy

Just A Trickle

What is it about water, the sound of it trickling over rocks through a forest, covered with a ceiling of maple trees, pines and mountains? You ever hear the thought about once that water passes by that spot on the shore or your toes dipped into its coolness, it will never pass that way again?

So we are hypnotized to the touch, the site and the sound. To me, that is how I have begun to see life itself. This day will never come this way again. A moment with someone special will never come this way again, it will never be the same, as clear, as meaningful as it is at this exact moment.  I shant take for granted my time spent with you, my lover, my sister, my brother, my parents, RIP and all those friends and family that I meet along the way..

I am just a trickle of water, you are just a trickle of water, in this stream, called life. May we soothe each others souls, calm each others hearts and may that simple touch be a brush of love, some level of love, letting each other know, I was here, you were here. Blessed Be! & Merry Meet!