A 1st For Canada (A native prime minister)

Canada has had a female prime minister, Kim Campbell (June 1993–November 1993) the country’s only female prime minister.
Prime Ministers have come from across the country, and across the sea. Macdonald and his successor Alexander Mackenzie were both born in Scotland.
Mackenzie Bowell and, much later, John Turner were born in England.
Canada has been a country for 147 years. The first attempt at colonization occurred in 1000 A.D. by the Norsemen. There was no further European exploration until 1497 A.D. when the Italian sailor John Cabot came along. It then started being inhabited by more Europeans. Canada was finally established as a country in 1867. It is 148 years old as of July 1 2015.
So with those some what true facts…. this country, was already established, known as Canada, was never lost, it was inhabited by the native man, woman and child of many clans, from east to west and north to south of it lands.
What are the odds of, a man or woman of first nations, ever being this country, called, Canada, 1st Aboriginal/North American Native Prime Minister??.. what a great day that would be!!!.. I think anyway.