The Weight Of The World On My Shoulder Pads?


Recently I seen a picture of a lady wearing shoulder pads and it made me laugh and reminded me of just about a month ago, when I picked up a top at a 2nd hand clothing store, brought it home, gave it a glance over again before tossing it in the laundry.. it had shoulder pads!
Did not take me long to pull out the scissors and hack away to remove the pads from the shoulder seams of the top. What ever possessed someone to attach those terrible looking things to women’s top anyhow?

I am 4’10” tall, with little to no neck and to wear a top like that, well lets just say, I have my fathers round, semi square head, that pads make it look like a block on a ledge.. LOL..
But then I started to read about, shoulder pads in women’s clothing… they were made for people with narrow or sloping shoulders, made popular during the 1940s, 1980s, and late 2000s/2010s. Singers/artist such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna started wearing them in on stage costumes, that 1980’s look and a few young women were following them, making it a trend, bringing the shoulder pads back!

However, I don’t think time went crazy with it, because, I don’t think I actually go swindled out of $7.99 for a slightly worn blouse, more than a year old, did I?  LOL
Oh well, it all went to a good cause, my money, to a used clothing bank to help out local charities. So I am going to look at the shoulder pads as a piece of a garment worn by a super hero, under her cape!!!

That’s right.. I am a super hero!..with no neck??? at 4’10” tall?

Hey!? Momma always said, big surprises come in small packages.. even super hero’s with padded shoulders!

Up, up and awayyyyy!!