Fired Up On Words & Burning It Down!


Not having anyone such as a publisher pushing me one way or another when it comes to my writing, I can be and usually am, all over the place, working on different projects. Yes I am still working on editing my first novel, but I will also write poetry to take a break from the editing, but the biggest project I am working on is my 3 book series.


I do have a lot done with my first book, even the book jacket cover, I just need to finish editing and getting it posted on Amazon Kindle. The initial writing of book one took me 2 years to complete and the sense of accomplishment when I finished it was phenomenal!

I can describe what I am like when it comes to my writing, a chameleon!

Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but when I write a story, I really connect with the emotions of the character and if he/she is going through troubled times, by the time I am done writing for that session, which is usually night time, I will go to bed and cry for him/her!!!..Good God, it’s draining!..Ummm, I will have to ask my friend and published author, Gordon P. Bois, if that is normal or am I eccentric?

Oh boy, just reading this short post shows how I can be bouncing off walls when it comes to my writing, but I love it!!!