To Give Naturally


We all have a level at which we can be giving. The sad part is, when you really look at the world today, there are less giving people, yet always those in need, honestly. The people who are capable of giving, are always worried about, just how much they give. But if they would just realize what they give, comes back 10 folds, maybe they wouldn’t be so hesitant to give.
Then you have the controlled givers. The mindset being, they will give to you but they want to control you once given. Fact is, no matter how much, we give, we are not able to control anyone, ever. The only person we can control, is the self. Self control, in our own expectations of others and even what the universe gives or takes. When we start to put demands on others, on the universe, we will feel a resistance. And with that resistance, comes pain and disarray. Just speak in meditation, exactly what you are in need of, what you are thankful for and be ready to receive, naturally.
Limits. Knowing our limits and learning when to rejuvenate ones mind, body and soul, will allow us to continue to be giving without expectations, naturally.

Until There Is No More Time Left



Sometimes you sit in the quiet morning, before the sun rises, before others begin to stir, before the beginning sounds of morning traffic drive by your window and all you hear is you. You hear each breath you take, the clicking of a heating register, the ice box motor and the loudest sound is the clock on the wall.. you hear time.
You hear time clicking away and before it reaches the finish line, you think of past times, all the moments of your life that you were dealt, all the moments of life, that you made choices, some good moments, some not so good moments, but every second, a time of your life.
You think of the times you were so misunderstood, when no one took the time to ask you, how you were doing or that maybe just for a second you were thinking of stopping time, about ending time, as they know it, because you did not have enough energy left to spend another minute trying to make the world understand, that all you needed was, time.
You think of all the days, you tried your best to spread the hours out amongst those who needed your time, only to have it wasted because your time was not appreciated, because you just didn’t take enough time, according to them, to give them more time..but you gave as much time as you could in the 24 hours of any given day. So they push you away, not wanting your time, not the moments you were able to give, no, you weren’t measuring up in seconds, in minutes, in hours, in days, it was never enough.
But the day comes, and for a second there is a glimmer of hope, a measure in time, where you find the strength to go on, just one more day and into the next day, next month and year, you take back time that you spent trying to please the unpleasable and spent that time on you.
Take your time, said that voice inside your head, take it slow, take all the time you need and don’t worry about giving back, because the time you spend on yourself is not returnable, it is yours to do with as you want, just don’t waste another second of your, me time.
Because one day, there will be no more time left, on this earth, to spend it doing the things you love, the things you want to experience, your time will end and  you can be happy knowing YOU were time well spent with no regrets.
And all that is left will be the questions by others, why didn’t I give just a little more time? One day, a moment, just a little more time? Because time is not promised to anyone, don’t take it for granted..
Live, love and laugh, this moment in time…