My Happiness….

Have I told you lately that I am the most happiest girl in the whole wide world!!!?.. lol.. I hope you are just as happy.. It’s new and it’s free this happiness I feel. How can one define it or how can it be compared? I don’t think it can be. Many moons ago, I was in the store talking to friend and she was telling me about, the love, a person feels for a grandbabe, that it is unlike any kind of love. It wasn’t that I didn’t believe her, I just thought, how can I love another being as much as I love my own children… Until.. I had my 1st grandbabe… she was right!!.. So now this happiness I feel, for me, is a whole new level of being. And me, being a woman of words, can not find the words to describe my happiness.. its so unique.
How do you describe your happiness?