Being Rewarded

Being a productive member of society is a lot of work. Yes, it does involve giving back to society in positive ways. And at times there are things or people that get in the way of you doing that. At times it can be financial burdens and woes, then other times it might just be the company you keep, that is keeping you down. As for myself, I am not on the Forbes list of millionaires and can not contribute to society that way, but I try to uplift the spirits of those around me. Yes, it takes work, because, a person themselves can not uplift, unless you are at a certain level of contentment with your own life. I can not inspire you to be happy, unless I am happy, Just like a millionaire can not give or donate money unless they have it to donate. So, where the millionaire goes out, does what he has to do to get that money to donate and live himself, a person that takes the time to inspire needs to be around people of positive influence and understanding. Like a millionaire to be makes a check list of things he/she needs to do to achieve that level of financial independence, the pros and cons lists, so does a person who wants to lead a life of inspiration, they need to succumb to a great level of inner peace. To achieve this, there is one greater thing one needs to avoid and that is toxic people. The word toxic is not directed at someone who uses foul language in this case, it is a way of being towards others around them, to others they feel intimidated by. Here is 5 traits of someone who is toxic

1. On approach they raise their nose in the air. – Meaning they look down at you, make you feel like you are less than they are.

2. They make, patronizing, snobbish, condescending comments towards you.

3. They talk about you behind your back, in a negative way, to other friends and even family members.

4. You find when you are around them, you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, afraid to say or do what they may see as wrong, leading them to come down on you with those condescending remarks.

5. When you have a new idea or a point of view, they belittle it, tell you why they think it won’t work, find anything and everything wrong with your idea.

I have been told many times that I inspire others and I have been told to inspire, one has to have gone through their own hardships to be able to feel empathy, not pity. Yes, I do pity, I pity the person who sees me as a threat, before evening talking to me, but have come to the conclusion I am a threat through the talk of someone who is toxic. There will always be toxic people around us, till the day we leave this earth. They come in the form of friends and even family and I will admit that to this day, I am still confronted with people of toxic nature, which does break my heart, especially when I am insulted before listened to. These days physically, I do not have the strength to stand up to toxic people, I have decided to avoid them, detach from them because the stress in itself can cause me more damage physically. This is my way of dealing with it, a must for me. We are all allowed to do what we feel comfortable doing when it comes to toxic people in our lives, because we are the person living the life. Do what is right for you, but at the end of the day, I hope and pray it is a decision that brings a smile to your face and a restful nights sleep.

So, take the time to give to soceity, at what ever level you can, and even not expecting something in return, still, it will come back to you 10 folds and if its 10 smiles or 10 thousand dollars, hey a reward is a reward, right?