The Dark Side


The mind is a wonderful place. It believes what you want it to, even if it is not the truth. There are some things and some people, whether fact of fictional, that we may believe are good and some bad. However if we just don’t look on the good side, of course we will find the bad. Remember where there is light there had to be darkness.

I love my dark side. It actually keeps my light side happy, by not letting me be walked on and then my light side keeps my dark side calm, heaven help anyone who just got to waken only my dark side when my light side was sleeping. (wink)

But how does one know when the dark or the light is showing? With some people they have no self control over one of the other. It takes strength to calm the dark and to rejuvenate the light on a constant basis.

Do you think when Disney wrote about, Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs, he just used his light side?.. Nope. A young lady living with 7 men? Now how dark/bad/sinister/erotic, what ever you want to call it, is that? Snow White was not as white and pure as snow in the mind of Disney, I think.

There are people who are attracted to my light/good side and then others attracted to my dark/bad side..the funny part is I know both of those types of people wonder about the other side that they don’t admit attraction to.

Control is the key and no one knows where I hide my key.

–Is this the light or dark side of me?- 🙂