You Talk Too Fast!

I went through a stage in my adult life where..

I talked fast..

While talking about one thing, another subject comes to mind.

While someone is chatting with me, I can be thinking about something else and have to ask them to repeat themselves.

Will be reading a book and realize once the chapter is done, I don’t recall what I just read.

Can be driving a car for 10 minutes and realize I don’t recall passing through the last small town.

Chatting with a friend, who could be waiting for a response from me but I would begin chatting about a whole new subject, confusing my company.

After a lot of reading and researching on this behaviour, for myself it came down to having a restless spirit. There is so much some people want to experience in life as well as wanting to share their own life experiences with a confidant, that there is a deep fear that there isn’t enough time in the day or enough days in your life.

So now I have learnt to calm my thought process, not to worry about tomorrow, because, right here and right now is truly all I have. It takes time to slow down the Brain Train and won’t happen over night. Learning to be consistent daily and with the company I keep. It is such a relaxing feeling to conquer my own demons. I am okay with spending a couple days hidden away in my home, not communicating with others, I have learnt to love the serenity of self! Decisions I make now are done with a peace of mind. And when I am in your company, I truly am enjoying listening to what you have to say..but most of all, I am grounded! My roots are solid, my stature is tall, my branches envelope the beauty around me and I will continue to grow as each season passes in my life!


#talktoofast #goodconversation

#spiritual #serenity #daybyday


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