A New Day

It’s Friday! And the beginning of a new month! And for many of us along the north shore, we are in the midst of our 1st big snowfall, the beginning of winter! Which leaves us with..new beginnings, a new day, where time does not stop for anyone. Sometimes that reality can be a sad thing, for example, the biggest reality check being, the ending of some sort in our lives, the passing over of someone we love, the ending of a relationship we thought could never end, the ending of good physical health, all things at some point we may have taken for granted. And it is sad at times when we live a life thinking every thing will always be perfect because we tried to achieve a life of perfection. That is when we fall the hardest and at times have a hard time rising back up to move forward. Life’s battles and trials are not meant to make us weak or weaken us, they are meant to strengthen us. So mentally and emotionaly we need to learn how to get our emotions in check to deal with these things. No battle is won over night, it takes commitment and effort to reach the top of any hill we struggle to climb and even after we reach the top, after we plant that flag of achievement, guess what’s next? ..another decent! Downhill! But with each victory we become stronger, our emotional and mental legs strengthen to be able to achieve the next hill we have to climb. And when we continue to live life this way, the victories will always be greater in numbers because we learnt how to manage the failures! Have faith in this moment, have faith in something greater than yourself and most importantly, have faith in yourself!! You got this! So my wish for YOU today is, I hope you have the energy in your mind, your body, your soul and heart to take on the day and what ever it brings. You are alive and some one else is so thankful you are! (Waving). 

#newday #newlife #lifeasIknowit #peace #innerpeace #heartandsoul

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