Giving Thanks

It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Ontario Canada. I enjoy reading on social media what my friends and family are thankful for. Pretty much all of them mention, their love for and from other loved ones.

For myself, of course, there is the love for and from my family and friends and running third is my ability to still live a life, to a great degree, that brings me happiness. I love learning, by experience, reading, writing, researching, understanding the human life and lives. I do hate racism, disrespect, abuse, especially child abuse and even try to understand, why anyone can be like that, do those things to other human beings, especially our children. I love reading about, how to lead a better life through inspiration of others, by reaching a peace of mind with regards to anything I do or say.

After living through a few health challenges, physically, I had to strengthen my self, mentally and emotionally, so now,  I live in the moment and cherish every moment I am given. I love too hard at times and forgive to easily. But my love is genuine.

This year I am thankful for being, still, on this earth and will always try to live my day, like it is my last. I made a promise once, which I have never shared with anyone and  may the Creator give me the strength to continue to hold true to that.

thanks for reading this blog post.


#thankful #life #familyandfriends #inspire

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